This blog was created in March of 2008. I found a love for writing about film the year prior via Facebook, then to a free wordpress domain. I never truly had any ambitions of this becoming a full-time thing where it would end up being my sun, moon and stars, but the truth of the matter is that blogging is a thankless job that I still love doing. It’s like that boss that is always on your back clamouring for you to do more, but never stops to say what a great job you did on that last bit of work.

Please, do not fret, this is not me throwing in the towel, or even complaining — at least not that much. What I’m looking for is a little feedback.

I’ve long been talking about redesigning the site, I’ve gotten some headway on that, but you guys are going to have to wait a while longer before I show that bit of news off.

This post is more about the articles that I post here. This year I’ve been pushing myself to keep a daily update on the site, and while I do find it rewarding when I can go a month without missing a day, at times it can feel like I’m cheating — especially with my weekend posts, like QOTW. So I’m here to ask YOU what you like, feature-wise, on the site, and also if you’d be interested in me resurrecting any of my older, discontinued, features. Last week I brought back a post that I haven’t done in over two years — TWEET QUESTIONS — and I hope to keep that one going. I’m also considering bringing back MOVIES YOU LOVE, an interview series where I discuss films with other bloggers across the internet (if you’re interesting in participating in that send me an email at or just leave a comment below). However, there’re a lot of other features that I’ve tried over the years and some I either got slightly bored with or just feel didn’t have the right click to it. Here’s a list of those features:

  • ACTOR OF THE WEEK – a look at an actor/actress I felt like highlighting that week
  • DOUBLE FEATURE – a list of films that I feel would go well together or instead of with the release of the week
  • MOVIES YOU LOVE – in-depth discussion of a film with a fellow blogger
  • SCREENSHOT GAME – game for the public to guess what film a random screenshot came from
  • THE HOLLYWOOD RESUME – a look at a director/writer/producer’s career
  • THIS WEEK IN TRAILERS – list of noteworthy trailers of the week gone by
  • THIS WEEK IN CINEMA – look forward at the releases available to the wide audience in the coming week
  • GENERAL CONSENSUS  – a look around the internet with links back to a slew of reviews to give a more rounded idea as to the grade a film sees to deserve, my very own Rotten Tomatoes as it were.

Some of these probably weren’t well developed or executed, but I’m hoping that you will let me know what it is that made them fail if that’s what was wrong so as to help me move forward into a better blogger.