Young Frankenstein

I guess if I didn’t call this an interesting week I’d be lying. I finally attended a screening of a double bill at theĀ Liguanea Club and I can’t help but be perturbed by it all. I’m sure the guy has the best of intentions but it’s just not for me.

It’s been something that’s on my mind since last night. Before I get into quality and all those things it just hits me more and more piracy arguements for film industries. Far be it for me to discuss the business and how it needs money and all those things (I’m sure it doesn’t), but for it to reach so far as to someone charging money to present pirated films for show in public just irks me. I’ve been wanting to do something similar, in a more legal fashion, but have always stopped due to lacks of the legal or financial means to make the project work. Please people, keep those practices at home and don’t take them to lining your pockets with illegalities, it’ll make it worse, not better.

However, this was my week in film… I still feel dirty.

LOVE AND DEATH (1975) – I continue to adore Allen’s quick jabby joke style, even when he throws himself in the middle of Russian literature
THE SQUARE (2013) – Over sold doc that looks gorgeous but lacks the interpretation of data and understanding to really be interesting, maybe part 2?
BREAKING THE WAVES (1996) – more on this tomorrow
ABOUT TIME (2013) – You adorable pug Richard Curtis… love this movie
SILENT MOVIE (1976) – Before The Artist (dir. Linklater?) there was Silent Movie, and it is extraordinary. That Paul Newman cameo is just amazing.
THE BEST OFFER (2014) – Perfectly forgettable while being inebetween okay and good.
INEQUALITY FOR ALL (2013) – The example of a documentary which is like a really good lecture; informative and good for the mind, but sees you nodding off somewhere after forty or so minutes.


YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN“we must enter quietly into the realm of genius.”
ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER“Well, as I was saying, it costs a lot to be authentic”
FOLLOWING“When I started to follow people, specific people, when I selected a person to follow, that’s when the trouble started.”
INCEPTION“What is the most resilient parasite?”
BEFORE MIDNIGHT“This is real life. It’s not perfect but it’s real.”

My count for the year of 2014 is updated to 22 First time watches (2 from 2014); 11 Rewatches; 33 Total Films

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