Agent Carter

I guess I don’t really have much to say today about the week gone by. In the constant state of unemploy as I am now it’s interesting to see how time goes by so quickly. It’s almost six months since my last day of employment, and residence, in Trinidad and if someone said it’s only been a month I wouldn’t argue with them too harshly. Which only goes to prove my little “sandwich” theory as it relates to time. Time, though remains a constant throughout all our lives, always feels heavier the more you put/accomplish with it. I’ve been doing not much… working mainly on myself in a very contemplative mode. Trying to figure out what’s up with my brain and all my “problems” that I’m certain many would call lovely quirks.

Anyways, otherwise I’m back at coding more projects… let’s see how far I reach before I flip on the PS3 and forget I want to try and accomplish something and push some more meat into my time sandwich.

Regardless, here’s this week’s serving of films watched:

THE BUTLER (2013) – it’s mostly what I expected and also not the worst thing to happen to movies
SUNRISE: A SONG OF TWO HUMANS (1927) – more on this tomorrow people.
MARVEL ONE-SHOT: AGENT CARTER (2013) – I’m so happy Marvel is taking  a page out of Pixar’s book and making nice shorts to couple with their films…
KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM (2014) – Not bad enough to be good, not funny enough to work on being bad..
PUSHING HANDS (1992) – Insightful and contemplative. More culture clash from Ang Lee.
BREAKING NEWS (2004) – Didn’t go 100% into media manipulation, but still fun film.
OLDBOY (2013) – One day we’ll talk about this movie honestly


SUNSHINE ON LEITH“I would walk 500 miles”
ROBOCOP (1987)“Dead or alive, you’re coming with me”
THE DARJEELING LIMITED“Let me think about that. I’ll tell you the next time I see you.”

My count for the year of 2014 is updated to 50 First time watches (9 from 2014); 25 Rewatches; 75 Total Films