Another week and another list of films I watched. It’s odd how I’m starting to find a pace that works for me again such that I can knock off six or more films a week without too much of a hassle and still be employed. Still counting down the days to my vacation and working hard to see what improvements I can bring the site (if you have any suggestions comment please).

Last week I posted this first of a new feature, Comic Corner, where I discussed the new Hawkeye comic book. Please let me know what you think of that feature and if you have any recommendations for future posts in that feature let me know in the comments or email.

Anyways, I shall let my weekly tally speak for itself.


BACHELORETTE (2012) – Not quite Hangover and not quite Bridesmaids, but still a pretty funny raunchy female-centric comedy where people are going to get married. How dare they not have a Party Down reference.
THE BABYMAKERS (2012) – It’s to be put in the bad pile of Broken Lizard and never discussed again.
MID-AUGUST LUNCH (2008) – I’m now frightened of old people, and this movie is bad, does nothing for just over an hour.
HICK (2012) – Nothing worth discussing but a weirdly nice performance by Chloe Moretz
JIRO DREAMS OF SUSHI (2012) – One of the best documentaries I’ve seen this year, which continues to prove my belief that if you talk to people passionate and skilled in something specific no matter how niche that thing is it can still be enthralling.
BEING FLYNN (2012) – Mediocre film in which De Niro is cast just to shout in a Pacino-like manner for the full runtime.
TOKYO STORY (1953) – A particularly great film that I do love, just not sure if I’m ready to place it in my top ten of all time.
EASTBOUND & DOWN (SEASON 3) – A great season ending, but not sure if I’m primed for more.


SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN (1952)“Moses supposes erroneously”
BLUE VALENTINE (2010)“I have to sing goofy”


124 First time watches (52 from 2012); 76 Rewatches; 200 Total Films


What have you been watching?

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