What can I say about the week gone by? As you can see film watching has exponentially increased, thanks to a public holiday last week that helped a lot, as well as me being ridiculously productive in some respects.

The week I guess was capped off with the sweet bitter bit of Manchester United giving up a 3 points in the league after gaining the points at the beginning of the week. Film-wise my week ranged from the crappiest of crap to the most interesting and historical epics ever made.

Well that’s enough of my chatter, here’s the tally for the week:


ONE FOR THE MONEY (2012) – Katherine Heigl film… and she has a nice butt
THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST (1988) – Scorsese makes a Jesus movie with Willem Dafoe as Jesus, any questions? It’s good, just didn’t hit me as that much effective, or maybe I’ve become desensitized to the material.
DONALD GLOVER: WIERDO (2012) – Donald Glover is kind of funny.
THE DARKEST HOUR (2011) – Russia, Russia, lame, lamer, then more Russia.
BEN-HUR (1959) – It’s a movie where a Jew is screwed over by Romans and then gets revenge and then Jesus is shoe-horned in the movie from time to time. Oh, and there’s an amazing Chariot scene.
INTO THE ABYSS (2011) – Herzog talking about the death penalty? Yes please.
JIM GAFFIGAN: MR UNIVERSE (2012) – Jim Gaffigan is REALLY funny.
CABIN IN THE WOODS (2012)  – Thank you Goddard and Whedon for this brilliant movie.
ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT (Season 1) – David Cross you are so awesome.


AMERICAN PIE (1999) – “You realize we’re all going to go to college as virgins. They probably have special dorms for people like us.”
YOUNG ADULT (2011) “Sometimes in order to heal a few people have to get hurt.”
MELANCHOLIA (2011) – “She ruined my wedding! I will not look at her!”
TITANIC (1997)“I’m the king of the world!”


58 First time watches (14 from 2012); 33 Rewatches; 91 Total Films (PS. I don’t count TV or Comedy Specials)


What’ve You Been Watching?