As stated in yesterday’s succint addition to the site… I’m off for the weekend, but at the same time I’m trying to keep this thing going while I’m not here. So in queue with the release of what seems to be the most interesting film of the weekend at the cinema — that isn’t Pixar — I want to know (Seeking a Friend for the End of the World) what your favourite end of the world movie is?

Also I left the options few to allow for possibly a more interesting result and about people who have to travel in pairs in the world as it is after it’s already ended as opposed to having to survive the apocalypse itself.

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Author: Andrew Robinson

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  • LAST NIGHT (1998) by Don McKellar
    A beautiful Canadian film.
    Pretty sure it's available on Netflix. look it up and thank me later.

    • Can I just thank you now? That seems like the appropriate response to you.

  • The Quiet Earth, a film from New Zealand that is strange and offers no explanation for things, but is also surprisingly real and visceral.

    It's a rarity in that I love the original, but would also like to see it remade if only to bank on far better special effects and larger budgets available today. It's a film to watch for the ideas and to forgive for its pitiful SFX budget.

  • Steven Flores

    Melancholia… that's all there is needed to be said. Satan Bless Lars von Trier!

    • You're totally right sir… a film that literally is about the world ending and the people around it.