This weekend we’ll get a chance to watch Battle: Los Angeles (you can read my review here) and I want to ask you all: What’s The Best Alien Invasion Film?

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Author: Andrew Robinson

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  • Imma go with The Invasion, Nicole Kidman was pretty amazing in it!

  • Great question! I personally loved Cloverfield but I also can't wait for Super 8

  • Independence Day, i've watched it at least 100 times, y? Will Smith… the greatest actor of my generation

    • a bit of a stretch with the Will Smith love, but he's good… no denying.

  • Jesus H Murphy. That's my poll of the week, now it's gonna look like I'm ripping off both you and Kai. Eh, whatever. Aliens are taking over, yo.

    • LOL… I didn't even see if Kai had posted this kind of a thing… sucks

      And I totally would claim IP theft :P

      I've had it happen to me before where I have an idea for a column/feature and it just get's screwed cuz another site had the very same idea.

  • I shamefully haven't seen a couple of those but I would have to agree with tsunayoshi and say the invasion

  • The X-Files Movie