We meet Wesley Gibson(James McAvoy) the most worthless individual you could find. He works in a crunch job where he is constantly abused by his boss. One day while picking up some more anti-anxiety meds he is approached by the stunning Fox(Angelina Jolie) who tells him that his father, who walked out on him a week after his birth, had just died and was one of the greatest assassins in the world. He is then taken into the “Fraternity” where he is turned into an assassin under the tutelage of the Fox, The Repairman(Marc Warren), The Butcher(Dato Bakhtadze), The Gunsmith(Common) and they are all conducted by Sloan(Morgan Freeman).

The film is based off of the graphic novel by the same title written by Mark Millar, and art by J. G. Jones. The novel is published by Top Cow(also publish “Witchblade”, “The Darkness” and some “Tomb Raider” comics).

This movie is one of those ridiculous out there action movie. There is no other way to take it or expect it, if you think otherwise you’re firstly really retarded, and secondly in for a huge surprise. It features some more brutal moments than other films of this genre would hand you, like the “training” scenes, and of course they can “bend bullets”. Which I think is awesome. I also like that even though I’m sure they did, for a first watch you don’t feel like they overused the gimmick. Which is something I hate when action movies have an unbelievable concept and then does it every five seconds, and worse spends five minutes each time it uses the gimmick, however Wanted seems to be okay with the bullet bending stuff.

One thing that is a definite plus for this movie is the range of characters that we get to meet (not matter how short). We meet each of these characters and even though for some we never find out more than their name and their speciality it still feels really cool. Someone is named “Gunsmith”, “Repairman” and “Butcher”… just feels friggin’ cool. And I think that that is one of the most integral parts of a action movie of this kind, to be cool.

There are for sure a lot of laughable moments in this movie. From the “F**k Y*u” thing that was in the featurette that was on the net a month or so ago to some character flaws, and also the usual corny one liner. But it never outdoes the amount of amazing action filled moments when your eyes will open up in amazement and think to yourself “OMFG!!!”.

Now as with respect to the transition from ink to film I have a feeling something was lost somewhere. Now I’ve only read the first two chapters of the graphic novel, but it feels so different for some reason. In the comic it was clear that they were a group of super-villains, in the movie their assassins. In the comic Sloan was a “Professor” which was a scientist, in the movie he’s just a manager of assassins “Sloan”. There were a lot of awesome badass things they left out when it came to the development of Wesley from average public dirt rag to the badass assassin. And that’s as far as I can tell now. Maybe when I’ve finished reading the novel I’ll see where the two formats converge or further diverge. However, if you see this movie separately from the original media, it is still a good movie.

Overall I think this movie is really good and fun. However I don’t think it is as good as a “Shoot ‘Em Up” and if you have yet to see “The Incredible Hulk” I would recommend that over this.

IMDB says 7.5/10

Rotten Tomatoes says 74%

I say 7.5/10

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