TUMP [EP#157 – No]


This week on TUMP we go to Chile and talk about how advertising is apparently greater than dictators with the simple campaign of No.

Review (00:01:33): No
Question (00:38:24)
Discuss (01:01:16): Action Films Since Die Hard 

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  • Ryan McNeil

    "Guys – there are doves"
    I damned near peed myself.

    • http://www.gmanreviews.com Andrew Robinson

      Doves is really the defining factor of a John Woo film… see The Killer, see Face/Off, see everything…

      • Ryan McNeil

        What do I look like – a rookie?
        Very well-verserd with the world of Woo, I just loved that his first point about why it it was an amazing action film was "There are doves…"