The Act of Killing

WARNING: While I do not believe that our conversation in any way would hinder your “enjoyment” of this film we do discuss in a lot of detail a lot of this movie within the podcast. So be warned, otherwise enjoy.

When a film comes along to queue you into the violent history of a nation through the stories of the people who helped enact some of the worst atrocities you can imagine you’re left with something so compelling it’s difficult to not be drawn in and be affected. Take a moment and listen to our thoughts on The Act of Killing:

(00:04:10) Review: The  Act of Killing
(00:58:07) Questions

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Author: Andrew Robinson

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  • Ryan McNeil

    Every time I think I'm making headway on the "to see" list…

    • Gotta get on this one sir.. it's one of the good ones. Weirdly enough it was a film I skipped at last year's TIFF.