TUMP [EP#108 – La Haine]

This was supposed to go live yesterday, but thanks to my eyes refusing to stay open and a lot of noise (once again I apologize for the background noise, I tried my best to clear it up as best as possible) this short episode took a surprisingly long time to edit. Anyways, while we all talk about La Haine/Hate I hope y’all love the show:

Show Notes:

What We’ve Been Watching

Damion (00:02:10): The Avengers, Chronicle, John Carter, The Fugitive
Douglas (00:08:46): Better Off Ted, Wings, Samantha Who, Ultraviolet, Psych, Priest
Andrew (00:19:30): Killer Elite, Dial M for Murder, Time Bandits, Certified Copy, The Legend of Korra

Trailers (00:28:41): The Great Gatsby, The Master, Skyfall

Review (00:50:30): La Haine

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  • http://www.bigthoughtsfromasmallmind.com/ CS


    – Douglas must have been drinking when he watched this film.  It was awful.


    Killer Elite –
    I watched this on the weekend as well…so horrible.  The shocking thing is this was a Gala (i.e.
    expensive) ticket at TIFF last year.  I
    hate to think of all the people who spent so much money just to see the film with Stathan and Owen in the audience.


    La Haine – It’s
    currently on my must-see list but I will have to move it up near the top after
    listen to your reviews.

    • http://www.gmanreviews.com Andrew Robinson

      Wow, had no clue Killer Elite was a Gala film at TIFF… that must've been insane for people to start booing Statham & Owen after it showed :P.