TUMP’s Damion & Douglas’ Top Ten of 2010

A couple of weeks ago Douglas, Damion and I got together to record our latest episode of TUMP. Unfortunately due to my lack of technical experience that episode is too poorly recorded to be released. We spoke about our top ten films of 2010, if you haven’t read mine yet you can find it here, and I wanted to share my co-hosts’ lists so read on to find out Douglas and Damion’s top ten films of 2010.


10. Animal Kingdom

“I was lukewarm on the podcast before but it really is a great movie. At the time I did like it but I love it so much more now.”

9. The Kids Are All Right

“It’s a fantastic story about what happens when you add a little spice to a weird family life.”

8. Mother

“It is a detective film, it’s about a mother and it’s fantastic”

7. Thirst Youth in Revolt

“It was a great dark comedy about Michael Cera being a mean French man.”

6. The Social Network

“You can bring out the list, you can bring out anything else you want to bring out. It’s wonderful. This showed me that Jesse Eisenberg is really a top notch actor.”

5. Catfish

“I love that movie. At the time I thought it was a great movie, but the other day I saw Andrew watching it and I sat down for at least a half-an-hour because it’s so engaging. This is one of those films that the enjoyment is amplified when you know what you’re looking for”

4. Cyrus

“Ever since I saw Baghead I thought these Duplass Bros. have something. This is a movie where I would be proud to say that Marisa Tomei won the Oscar. It’s just great movie about this dysfunctional relationship. It’s funny when it needs to be, it’s dramatic when it needs to be and it’s anything when it needs it.”

3. Buried

“A nice little treat half way through the movie we find out that Stephen Tobolowsky is in the movie and that is awesome.”

2. Micmacs

“It was beautiful, it was funny and it was a great heist story. It was just fantastic and I love it to death”

1. Un Prophete/A Prophet

“It was hard to make one my best of the year, but without a doubt it goes to Un Prophete. I will say no more.”


10. The Other Guys

“I was getting a bit of fatigue with Will Ferrell, I must say there are some movie I like with him there’s others that I really don’t like. This movie has cemented him as one of my favourite actors. Everytime I think of him I’ll think of three things: I’ll think of this movie, I will think of Old School and I’ll think of the Legend of Ron Burgundy”

9. The Social Network

“Despite me being, I’ve been listening to the story of Facebook for about a year now nonstop because I constantly listen to tech news. But they found a way to make this bland guy’s life interesting, partly by lying and warping the facts but that’s what you’re supposed to do as a writer.”

8. The A – Team

“I just love it when a plan comes together”

7. Animal Kingdom

“It is an Aussie film by dirty Aussies that know about crime because Austrailia was built by criminals. It’s a very novel take on how crime families operate. It didn’t glamorize it at all, if anything it showed how horrifying these people truly are. I mean outside of robbing banks, because they didn’t do any bank robberies in the movie. The protagonist was introduced to this family after his mother died and he was just thrown in a situation that he had never been in before. The performances were great and I enjoyed this movie so so much.”

6. Winter’s Bone

“I’ve seen five movies that I’m pretty sure I like more than Winter’s Bone. It did what Ballast tried to do and failed miserably.”

5. Toy Story 3/How To Train Your Dragon

“There’s things about each that I like a little bit more than the other. If you have children show them these movies and let them hang on to their childhood a little longer, and if you’re an adult watch them to hold on to your childhood a bit longer. If I had to choose between the two I’d probably inch Toy Story 3. The scene near the end at the fire pit, no cartoon should be able to extract that much emotion from me.”

4. The Fighter

“Mark Wahlberg is not my favourite actor, in fact he does a whole lot of nothing with this movie. However, they surrounded him of some of the best acting talent that they could find. Cristian Bale reminds everyone, for all of those who thought that all he did was gravely voice and shout at extras that are walking across, his performance in this movie is spectacular and anyone who had their eye on Best Supporting Male can kiss that chance goodbye.”

3. Shutter Island

“Scorsese murdered it! We know that he can tell a story, we know about his cinematography and we can all the list and whatever. When I heard people were having issues with the end of movie I was a bit sceptical going in. But there is nothing vague about this movie and it was straight forward and I love this movie. M. Night must’ve shot himself when he saw this movie.”

2. True Grit

“The Coen Bros. are tremendous. Jeff Bridges has the greatest cowboy voice of all time. I think he’s done it. I’m pretty sure he was chewing gravel while he was speaking. When you look at the character on the screen and you hear him speak at no point do you remember that he’s Jeff Bridges. The reason this is above Shutter Island is I’m s sucker for westerns and when you see them done well it’s just great.”

1. Inception

“I don’t know where the hell he pulled this out of because it’s great. The ending of the movie was great as well as the zero-grav scene.  The amount of expectation I had going into this movie I should’ve come out of this movie going it’s pretty good but it was better than that.“