#15 – #11

15. Lina Leandersson (age:15)

Her only role to date is the role that made everyone open up and look. She played Eli in Let the Right One In and I think that’s enough explanation. Watching the film it’s clear that not only is this a stand-off role but more of a seductive one. She has to pretty much convince Oskar to fall in love with her(?) and want to be with her. She does this not through regular cinematic tropes but a whole new way which is never unbelievable. Like the aforementioned Katie Jarvis there’s no word as to whether Lina will be continuing acting, let’s hope she does.

Upcoming Roles: N/A

14. Emma Stone (age: 22)

Don’t get me wrong, I love the beautiful and snarky Emma Stone, but I don’t think she’s even been anything other than that which is why she’ so low on the list. She definitely beats out a lot of actresses, but can she be dramatic? Which I hope she’ll be able to answer for us soon enough and step out of her funny role for once.

Upcoming Roles: Movie 43, Crazy Stupid Love, Friends With Benefits, The Help, The Croods, The Amazing Spider-Man

13. Abigail Breslin (age: 14)

I think it might be her role in Little Miss Sunshine which puts her above her Zombieland costar. She’s just this honestly great character on screen. In Little Miss Sunshine she was this confident young girl that didn’t worry about appearances, until some asshole of a father put the topic on the table, and in Zombieland she was this fragile girl that tried to keep up appearances thanks to her older sister that made sure that everything was always upbeat. It’s hard to forget her and I’m sure she’ll be great in years to come.

Upcoming Roles: Rango, New Year’s Eve, Innocence, The Wild Bunch

12. Emma Watson (age:20)

She’s spent the last decade starring as Hermoine in the Harry Potter franchise and with that coming to an end this year she’s going to continue to give us this strong female character in future films I hope. She’s impressed me, ever since the Potter films stopped being a children’s film and grew up she, along with the rest of the cast, became exponentially better actors.

Upcoming Roles: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, My Week With Marilyn

11. Carey Mulligan (age:25)

She was nominated a couple of years ago for her role in An Education which I think she was robbed of, but she showed us that same tenacity in her role last year in Never Let Me Go and I can’t wait for her to become the go to girl for romantic British girl, especially in period pieces, which I don’t doubt she’s already become.

She’s beautiful, abrupt and at the same time effective and that’s what makes her one of the best young actresses to watch.

Upcoming Roles: Drive, Shame


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Author: Andrew Robinson

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  • Interesting list, I'm happy that you included Emma Watson and Carey Mulligan…did you not watch Arrested Development? That's where I first knew Mae Whitman (who her?), who I adore.

    • I've seen some episodes of Arrested Development… didn't realise she was from that show

  • Zeelee

    If Fish Tank had been American, Katie Jarvis would be inundated with roles.
    Good list… Saoirse Ronan would be my number 1 in my book.

    • Nice to see someone else's love for Saoirse, can't wait to see her in Hanna.

      I agree with the Jarvis comment as well. She would be the go to girl, like how Jennifer Lawrence and Rooney Mara are now, if she were American. Going to take a couple more roles for Jarvis to get the attention she deserves.

  • Jayannebulauan

    saoirse ronan must be the no. 1

    • She is fantastic, but not my #1 obviously. Can't wait to see what she does next after seeing her in HANNA this year already.

  • cutiee355


  • Mae

    I'm not a big fan of Jennifer Lawrence, though she is a good actress. Emma Watson is my all time favorite actress and would have to be #1 for me.