First let’s start with the expanding movie, Snow Angels which is written and directed by David Gordon Green. The film has been doing well so far as a limited release, making $44,898 from 3 theatres after two weeks (figures as of 16.03.08). Giving the film an average of $8,476 per theatre in the last weekend, which is a little less than double the average of the epic “10,000 B.C.” did in its second weekend. I’m not sure exactly how this will do in its wide release but I expect it to be somewhere around fifth or sixth for the weekend if it continues with its current money making progress. It also noted that even though I’m not familiar with any of David Gordon Green’s previous directing/writing credits, he is the director of the soon to be released “Pineapple Express” which is Judd Apatow produced, which I believe could sway some movie goers to give this one a try at the theatres this coming weekend, with the Apatow wave in the last few years (“Knocked Up” and “Superbad”).

The huge release for this weekend that will definitely dominate the box office is “Drillbit Taylor”. Owen Wilson movies (no matter how horrible an idea) always grosses well in its opening weekend. With his last big releases being:

[Movie (YR) – opening weekend gross USA -> total gross USA]

  1. You, Me and Dupree” (2006) – $21,525,560 -> $75,604,320
  2. Cars” (2006) – $60,119,509 ->$244,052,771
  3. Wedding Crashers” (2005) – $33,900,720 -> 209,218,368
  4. Starsky & Hutch” (2004) – $28,103,367 -> $88,200,225

Hence following the trend I don’t expect this movie to finsh the weekend with less than $24 million from the box office taking second place this weekend.

The next huge release to hit theatres this weekend will be “Shutter” the newest remake of Asian horror movies. These movies never turn out well, they are always poorly taken by critics but apparently well taken in the box office. The precursors to this movie are:

  1. The Ring” (2002) -$15,015,393 -> $128,579,698
  2. The Grudge” (2004) – $39,128,715 -> $110,175,871
  3. The Ring Two” (2005) – $35,065,237 -> $75,888,270

Therefore once again following the stats this movie will be in the top three for sure in opening weekend.

Therefore the final prediction:

  1. “Drillbit Taylor”
  2. “Shutter”
  3. Dr. Suess’ Horton Hears a Who!
  4. “10,000 B.C.”
  5. “Snow Angels”

The top three are for sure (not counting order). This weekend will be a very competitive weekend, with I believe Drillbit taking top with $24m, and the second and third place being almost neck and neck with around $12-14m for the weekend, and 10,000 B.C. taking fourth place with $8m.

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Author: Andrew Robinson

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