The Unnamed Movie Podcast [Episode 9 – …Around]


Andrew, Damion and Douglas discuss what they think noone else will, as well as the latest indie film that they received in the mail from newbie director David Spaltro “…Around”

Show Notes

Introductions: Andrew, Damion & Douglas

Open Discussion: Top 5 Movies People Don’t Talk About


  1. Michael Cera finally agreed to Arressted Development [00:58:31]
  2. Eddie Murphy to play Richard Pryor? [00:59:27]
  3. The Never Ending Story getting a remake [01:00:00]
  4. Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg in the B-Team [01:04:13]
  5. Michel Gondry to direct The Green Hornet [01:06:10]


  1. Mel Gibson’s Colonel [01:08:20]
  2. Gigantic [01:14:01]


…Around [01:18:30]

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