Here is last week’s podcast a week late, I know leave me alone.  This time our fearful, yes we fear all you listeners, hosts decide to discuss World’s Greatest Dad.

Show Notes

What We Saw This Week

  • [00:01:15] Douglas: Bonnie and Clyde, The Big Bang Theory, Bruno
  • [00:10:40] Damion: The Boat that Rocked, The Brothers Bloom, Serenity, Goodfellas, How I Met Your Mother
  • [00:24:52] Andrew: Brokeback Mountain, Management, 17 Again, Chandni Chowk to China

Top 5 Films about Fathers [00:32:17]


  1. Kick Ass to be released in April [00:47:01]
  2. Guy Ritchie to direct Lobo [00:47:32]
  3. Disney buys Marvel [00:49:37]
  4. Fantastic 4 Reboot [01:02:35]
  5. Jon Favrau and Robert Downey Jr. to come together again for Cowboys & Aliens [01:07:46]
  6. Bad Boys 3 in development & Rambo 5 greenlit [01:09:21]
  7. Brandon Routh added to Chuck & Summer Glau added to Dollhouse [01:12:38]


  1. The Men Who Stare At Goats [01:14:01]
  2. Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day [01:22:35]
  3. Defendor [01:30:34]

Review: World’s Greatest Dad [01:35:51]

World's Greatest Dad - Robin Williams

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