The Sidney Lumet Syllabus

Sidney Lumet

So far I’ve completed my John Cassavetes, John Ford and Pedro Almodovar marathons. Today I feel the need to return to the US for cinematic discovery and turn to a filmmaker who I know of somewhat, but would love to know a lot more of. So far in his filmmography I’ve seen 12 Angry MenDog Day AfternoonNetwork and Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead. With the thanks of the internet I’ve compiled a list of films I hope to complete in the next eleven weeks, or so, (allowing for two weeks off while at TIFF in September). Here’s the syllabus:

  • The Fugitive Kind (1959)
  • Long Days Journey Into Night (1962)
  • Fail-Safe (1964)
  • Serpico (1973)
  • Murder on the Orient Express (1974)
  • Prince of the City (1981)
  • Deathtrap (1982)
  • The Verdict (1982)
  • Running on Empty (1988)

They may not be consumed in the order above, but come hell (or probably an exhausted blogger) I will try and complete my syllabus.


  • Steven Flores

    In that list, I've only seen "The Fugitive Kind" and "Running on Empty" as I really hope to do some Sidney Lumet very soon.

    • Andrew Robinson

      Join in… it'll be fun

      • Steven Flores

        I would but I'm nearly half-way done with my Woody Allen marathon as I'm going to release the 2nd part of the Auteurs series on him next Friday.