Another week and another list of films that made me cringe/love/hate/think too much about movies and what I do with my free time. Add to that the time I spend fawning over Overwatch and that I started playing Bloodborne, but can’t seem to pass the first area without dying a billion times I think I’m forever set to grind through this wheel of media.

I actually found myself at the theatre twice this week and that seems like nothing short of a miracle. I look forward to weeks as good as this in the future for myself, though I know that’s high hopes for the most part.


SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS (1957) – Burt Lancaster was awesome as the smarmy brother/writer.
THE CONSEQUENCES OF LOVE (2004) – Paolo does Paolo.
SPLIT (2017) – Shamaylan returns strong this time out.
JOHN WICK: CHAPTER TWO (2017) – Are you working?
I, DANIEL BLAKE (2016) – I may take a stop on all Ken Loach films now… may just not be my cup of tea.


CREED (2015)  – Still the best Rocky movie.
MANCHESTER BY THE SEA (2016) – Still weirdly sad and funny at the same time.
STREET FIGHTER II: THE ANIMATED MOVE (1994) – I still love this animation.
JOHN WICK (2014) – The club scene is the best.
UNBREAKABLE (2000) – Mediocre.

6 Total Films Seen Released in 2017
35 Total New To Me Films in 2017
51 Total Films Seen in 2017