THE 2017 TALLY: WEEK 4 (JAN 21 – 27)

This week was the week that pretty pissed me off. I got put on call with no notice and La La Land actually came out locally. As you can see by the log below, I have not go to be able to rewatch La La Land… let me be upset at this completely arbitrary and silly thing that I shouldn’t ever really be upset at.


Otherwise it was a week. I got some things done. I’ve figured a billion other things that I need to try and get done in the next week and so on and so forth. Also I’ve started to do a silly thing, like watch all of Casey Neistat Vlogs on Youtube, after the fact. I know it’s done. But there’s something unique about the way he cuts together these short films of him just taking us through his day. It also helps that for the most pat he’s always positive and productive, and I’m hoping that attitude can just become even more a part of my daily life.

Anyways, here’s my weekly log of films watched.


LES COWBOYS (2015) – A remake of The Searchers… very modern and pretty damn good, I just have too much love for John Wayne to proclaim this better.
CHRISTINE (2016) – A very interesting take on someone going down a dark hole and not making it out the other end
CAFE SOCIETY (2016) – Another Woody Allen rom com. Has it’s ups, has it’s downs. Nothing to make a fuss over.


SOMEWHERE (2010) – In contention for my favourite Sofia Coppola film.
MANHUNTER (1986) – I just had to rewatch it. It’s not that good. Feels like Mann working out some kinks.

3 Total Films Seen Released in 2017
20 Total New To Me Films in 2017
28 Total Films Seen in 2017

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Author: Andrew Robinson

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