THE 2017 TALLY: WEEK 3 (JAN 14 – 20)

What can I truly say about this week? It felt like a relaxed one. Another week where I’ve still yet to hit up my theatre, and it’s feeling nice to say that more and more. I keep finding out, even with my few home set up issues, that I enjoy the relaxation of being on my couch rather than making the trek out to my theatre and dealing with lines and such (sorry, that’s a lie, there are no lines at my theatre) that I just feel nice about it.

I feel I fit in a lot of random films that make no sense put together in this log. Also I checked out the opening episode of The Young Pope which I don’t know what to take about it. I’m not sure if I’m ready to view catholism as the new mob movie with just lots of dream sequences. Didn’t bring up the courage to check out the second episode. Hopefully I can manage that this coming week.

Here’s this week’s log of films:


QUEEN OF KATWE (2016) – It’s a “sports” Disney inspirational movie… but for Chess and Africa.
MY LUCKY STARS (1985) – It’s a Jackie Chan movie, with the minimal amount of Jackie Chan, and a lot of Sammo Hung being a sex comedy about guys being creepy.
SWING TIME (1936) – It’s a old timey musical, with some dated racial things in there that makes me question everything.
OCEAN WAVES (1993) – It’s a romance movie about when a boy likes a girl for no good reason other than she’s pretty.


THE SEARCHERS (1956) – I still love it.
THE BIRTH OF A NATION (2016) – I still don’t like it.
THOR (2011) – I still love it a lot more than the movie deserves.

3 Total Films Seen Released in 2017
17 Total New To Me Films in 2017
23 Total Films Seen in 2017

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