THE 2015 TALLY: WEEK 4 (24/1/15 – 30/1/15)

dear white people

A day late but still interested in keeping my weekly log going. If nothing else this feature should keep my fingers nimble in typing.

It’s been a weird week for me. I can actually say that for the last seven days I’ve found myself not at the cinema and beginning to question why I obsess so much about going there. It’s not that I’m taking a break from movies, as much as I keep wondering why I’m not taking a break from my cinema. If you listen to my podcast (TUMP) then you’ve heard me and my cohosts over the years talk about our local cinema, Carib 5, and how much we hate it. Oddly enough my most recent complaints aren’t so much about their service — which I’ve come to terms with rather than saying it’s improved with in any way — but rather just about it’s location and how I constantly feel like going there. There isn’t a minute that I spend walking from the car park to the box office or in the opposite direction that I’m not accosted by all the things I hate about Kingston. That being: redundant security guards that don’t really do anything; or street vendors that don’t seem to realize I have zero interest in them; or beggars who have begun to recognize me — because I’m that one white guy they see every week — and begin to make me feel guilty directly about everything; or the occasionally other patron who can’t seem to figure out how a line works.

Basically ‘everything else’ that a decade ago I didn’t complain about because it’s not completely the owner’s fault is becoming more of a problem to me than the actual business that I don’t even like. If you look below on my watchlist only one of the films I say this week was viewed at the cinema. It’s not like it’s been a source where I see most of my movies at. It’s just there for the one — or occasionally two — new releases that come out that week. Am I hitting that point where I’m willing to give those movies up? Not forever, but rather until they get a VOD/Blu Ray release and I can see them otherwise?

New To Me


Citizenfour (2014) – I know a few people who should never see this movie. They’re distrust of technology and paranoia is already too high.
Dear White People (2014) – Considering putting down some thoughts on this, may revisit it before I do so though.
Bad Girl (1931) – Definitely will be writing about this in the next few days in my upcoming Borzage post.
American Sniper (2014) – I guess…



Rush (2013) – Still fun when fun assholes take center stage.
Babe (1995) – I didn’t want bacon… I’m not as bad as a certain Cannuck blogger.
Babe: Pig in the City (1998) – I feel like Sono Sion should’ve done this one.
The Searchers (1956) – The painting of this movie is beautiful.

The Tally

Total Films Released in 2015: 3
Total New To Me Films in 2015 23
Total Films Seen in 2015: 34

What have you been watching?

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