THE 2015 TALLY: WEEK 2 (10/1/15 – 16/1/15)


So it’s another week gone and the tally isn’t moving that far along. I actually feel like I accomplished a lot this week and nothing at all at the same time. While in relation to this blog not much happened I feel a kind of forward progression still. I got a more regular feeling towards my podcast TUMP with the end of year episode being released, even though I didn’t get the episode fully soundtracked — which is a thing I’m considering possibly doing regularly. Would you guys be into that? Maybe if I make a separate feed for it (soundtracked fully and not soundtracked). My fear with it is that (a) I’m dumb; and (b) I’ll start repeating music too much because I don’t listen to new music that much. Even nowadays I find myself struggling to find music I don’t already listen to that I like.

I need more music friends who talk to me about music and are like, “have you heard this?“. I don’t have those friends really. Be my music friend internet, and don’t lead me astray please.

Anyways. This week my movie watching was stunted not only by a heap of work I was dealing with at the office but also by the fact that I’ve been indulging in some serious Netflix binge watching of TV shows. Mainly I’ve dived deep into the kind of horrible show that is Arrow. I’m now on the second season and while I won’t tell anyone this show is worth anything it still remains that perfect horrible show that when you string enough episodes together you can’t quite press stop on easily. It also helps that I’ve been tricked into this world by becoming a semi-fan of Flash which started last year and my dumb wish to keep ‘in’ on all of these connected universe things. I find it weird that I can say that and honestly say a few years back when I was trudging through Buffy I decided that Angel was dumb and ignored that connected world.

Anyways, here’s my tally and I hope to have some awesome stuff for you in the week to come (including a Birdman related post).

New To Me

alan partridge

Westworld (1973) – It’s Jurassic Park meets Termiator in the west. I’m happy. Can’t wait for the HBO show coming later this year now.
Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa (2013) – Pretty dumb. I love Coogan, but not worth it.
Life of Ryan: Caretaker Manager (2015) – I am biased. He’s my favourite player, and it’s more Manchester Untied. Don’t ask me anything else.

The Tally

Total Films Released in 2015: 2
Total New To Me Films in 2015 12
Total Films Seen in 2015: 15

What’d you see this week?

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