THE 2015 TALLY: WEEK 1 (1/1/15 – 9/1/15)


I feel since it’s a new year and one of my big resolutions is to revive all of my writing efforts while at the same time reinvent myself as a writer (as best I can) I can start this weekly tradition up again. That being just listing out films I’ve been watching and giving a bit of an update as to plans for the week to come.

This week I’ve been doing what many others have. I’ve been simultaneously wrapping up 2014 with the obligatory listicles about the films of 2014 as well as the non-2014 films I enjoyed throughout the year and at the same time watching as many of those films as possible just because I get jealous of the internet talking about all the best movies I don’t get to see all year gone by. January has always been a very heavy catch up month for me in movies as all the award-y movies of November and December tend to hit my theatre after all the nominations have been announced in my theatre’s hope that ¬†all the people who’ve been neglecting their establishment will rush in to see all these clearly decided upon ‘great’ films. It never works, but it gives me a chance to see some of these movies I’ve been looking forward to for over 18-months.

But this week looking forward I’m sort of planning to start a year long project that I hope will surpass the scope of the Blindspot Series (which I totally flailed on last year even though I did watch all my ‘promised’ titles and you could see me talk about on Letterboxd id you follow me there). Basically I want to go bigger. Instead of 12 films over 12 months I want to try and focus on 12 filmmakers in 12 months. I’ll be announcing the lineup of filmmakers sometime next week as well as begin the initial discussions of films (I’ve already seen the first film for this month and wow guys). It’s a bit audacious for a writing project, especially for someone who’s found it harder and harder to make time to write, but I hope I don’t fail myself this time out.

Also another thing is that I feel like it’s time for me to rework how I write about movies as a whole. For the past half-decade I’ve been writing reviews for current releases (and sometimes older titles) in a way that’s began to bore me. It may be more about my own perception of the films than anything else. I’ve molded it and shaped it over the years into different slight variants but more or less stuck to the same idea, that being express an overall opinion on a film to open discussion. This week gone by I posted what I hope will be the first in a slew of a new type of review-y post that discusses elements of films in a more interesting fashion. If you saw it (yay, thank you), if not go check it out as I talked about assholes and the film Whiplash.

So I hope you guys enjoy it all and feel free to comment (as always) and tell me how horrendously dumb I am.

New To Me


The Goat (1921) –¬†before Anderson; Keaton did aspect ratio fueled comedy.
Foxcatcher (2014) – characters a plenty and drama to be afoot.
Memphis (2013) – no real character other than the town and time lost of mine.
Unbroken (2014) – where’s Eastwood when you need him?
Zatoichi and the Doomed Man (1965) – more sword nonsense and more blind jokes.
Whiplash (2014) – I’m an asshole and thank you all.
Taken 3 (2015) – [Insert obligatory ridiculous Taken sequel dumb plot joke here]
Moonrise (1948) – THE SHADOWS!!!!
Birdman (2014) – I want to watch this again and again.



The Guest (2014) – it’s comfort is what it is.
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011) – second best of the series
You’re Next (2011) – I imagine all Australian women are this badass.

The Tally

Total Films Released in 2015: 1
Total New To Me Films in 2015 9
Total Films Seen in 2015: 12

What’d you see this week?

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  • Sounds like a great plan with the 12 filmmakers. I’m really curious to check out your list. There are so many interesting options (I still need to check out a lot of them). I liked your Whiplash post, and I can understand looking for a different way to approach films.

    • Thanks Dan. I’ll be posting the list later this evening hopefully. It’ll be a very scattered list all over the world and not too many already discussed cinephile kind of directors, but some of those too.