The Internet’s Top 25 Films of 2009

As 2009 came to end so started every blogger and film critic letting the world know what he/she thought was the best of the best of the year.  Even I let my thoughts be known on the topic here.  After reading threw a ton of these lists I noticed the variety of films being mentioned and I thought, what would be the best of the best if instead of 1 guy/girl telling me their thoughts we all got together and duked it out over why one movie should be put above another.  Well since I knew it was almost impossible to get so many people in one room and it would probably end in a few fatalities as soon as certain words that can’t be taken back were said.  So what I’ve done is I jotted down as many Top Ten lists as I could find and decided to merge them all into one mammoth of a list. Continue reading

The Unnamed Movie Podcast [Episode 40 – Sin Nombre]


This week Douglas, Damion and I try to illegally enter the US while on a train heading out of Honduras while running away from the local gang, please help us. Continue reading