Couples Retreat [Movie Review]

Couples Retreat - Vaughn & Akerman

Jason [Jason Bateman] and Cynthia [Kristen Bell] are considering ending their marriage, but they want to give it one last chance.  Their solution is to go to Eden, a resort for couples, and drag their friends: Dave [Vince Vaughn] and Ronnie [Malin Akerman], Joey [Jon Favreau] and Lucy [Kristin Davis] and Shane [Faizon Love] and Trudy [Kali Hawk] along for the ride to what can only be described as relationship hell. Continue reading

Four Christmases [Movie Review]


So here out of nowhere comes this really funny movie that you just didn’t see coming. I mean, it follows all the rules that make it look like it will be the run of the mill movie that will just try to cash in on the holiday season. Just like slasher movies have taken over October, and Blockbusters have taken over the summer, we will always get a movie that embodies all that is Christmas – or the Christmas experience – during the Christmas holidays. This movie is that, but at the same time really good. This movie is really about this couple who have now been forced to face one of their greatest fears, that is their families during the holidays.

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