The Monthly Report: June-July 2011

I’m a bit late with this one, but here’s the last two months of movie watching summed up for you:

Jun 01 X-Men First Class (2011) 4/5
Jun 02 Roman Holiday (1953) 4/5
Jun 03 Another Year (2010) 3.5/5
Jun 04 The Fall (2006) 4/5
Jun 05 The Days of Wine and Roses (1962) 3.5/5
Jun 09 Hall Pass (2011) 1/5
Jun 10 Super 8 (2011) 4/5
Jun 12 Infernal Affairs (2002) 2/5
Jun 12 Cedar Rapids (2011) 3.5/5
Jun 13 Rubber (2011) 4.5/5
Jun 15 Broadcast News (1987) 4/5
Jun 15 The Maltese Falcon (1941) 3.5/5
Jun 16 The Company Men (2011) 2.5/5
Jun 17 The Lincoln Lawyer (2011) 2.5/5
Jun 17 Source Code (2011) 3.5/5
Jun 17 Ceremony (2011) 3/5
Jun 18 Days of Heaven (1978) 2.5/5
Jun 18 Summer Stock (1950) 3/5
Jun 19 Happythankyoumoreplease (2011) 3.5/5
Jun 19 Unknown (2011) 1/5
Jun 22 Hannah and Her Sisters (1986) 3/5
Jun 22 Footloose (1984) 2/5
Jun 23 Season of the Witch (2011) 1.5/5
Jun 25 Casino Jack (2010) 0.5/5
Jun 25 The Comedians of Comedy (2005) 2.5/5
Jun 26 Straw Dogs (1971) 4/5
Jun 27 Afterschool (2008) 3.5/5
Jun 27 Scenes from the Suburbs (2011) 2.5/5
Jun 29 Le Mans (1971) 4.5/5
Jun 29 Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop (2011) 3/5
Jul 03 Green Lantern 3D (2011) 2.5/5
Jul 04 Barry Lyndon (1975) 2/5
Jul 06 Crimes and Misdemeanors (1989) 4/5
Jul 06 Arthur (2011) 2.5/5
Jul 07 Take Me Home Tonight (2011) 3/5
Jul 08 Barney’s Version (2010) 4.5/5
Jul 08 Marie Antionette (2006) 4/5
Jul 10 13 Assassins (2011) 4.5/5
Jul 13 Joint Security Area (2000) 4/5
Jul 15 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (3D) (2011) 4/5
Jul 16 Ghett’A Life (2011) 2/5
Jul 17 Submarine (2011) 1/5
Jul 17 Blade Runner FINAL CUT (1982) 4/5
Jul 22 The Seventh Seal (1957) 5/5
Jul 22 Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) 3D 1/5
Jul 23 Horrible Bosses (2011) 3.5/5
Jul 25 Peep World (2011) 2.5/5
Jul 26 Super (2011) 3/5
Jul 27 Eyes Wide Shit (1999) 4/5
Jul 28 Friends With Benefits (2011) 3.5/5
Jul 29 Rio (2011) 0.5/5
Jul 30 Insidious (2011) 2.5/5
Jul 30 The Music Never Stopped (2011) 3/5
Jul 31 Vanishing Point (1971) 0/5

The Year’s Tally: 2011 First Time Watches: 163 Films/51 Films from 2011

June’s Tally: 30 Films/14 Films from 2011
July’s Tally: 24 Films/15 Films from 2011

Highlights from June – July 2011

X-Men: First Class (2011): I’ve been waiting for this kind of a comic book movie. It’s not reaching for The Dark Knight level of brooding intensity – and yes I’m getting a little tired of comparing ever comic-book movie to TDK – and at the same time was a really great character study of Professor Xavier and Erik (aka. Magneto). The performances from pretty much the entire cast was brilliant and is probably my favourite comic-book film of the summer so far.

Rubber (2011): It’s probably the most out there movie I’ve seen so far this year. It gives itself and unfair out with its opening monologue, but even without that the film remains one of the most entertaining (and definitely polarizing) experiences I’ve sat through since 2011 graced us with its presence. I appreciate the whimsical cult story of a tire rolling around exploding things with its “mind” and how the film enters an element that allows it to talk directly at me and critique me as I watch the film. It’s a great experience.

Straw Dogs (1971): I love films that live on its tension building. This is a movie about a young married couple who move to rural England so that the man of the house can work on his research. After being constantly harassed by the locals he’s finally had enough and will defend his home from a siege when he refuses to give up an alleged rapist. The final garrison scene is what makes this movie special in its own right and worth every minute of build up.

Le Mans (1971): I’m not a car person, however with that said somehow Lee H. Katzin was able to give me almost a plotless film about a 24 hour race and make it engaging and exciting. I loved every minute of it and it definitely didn’t hurt to have the man Steve McQueen playing the lead in the film.

Marie Antionette (2006): Sofia Coppola gets a bad rap for doing films about nothing. Here however she takes a look at a historical figure and puts her own personal eye on her life. Where every other filmmaker would’ve made it more about what was going on around her (which isn’t quite ignored anyways) she decides to pay attention to Marie’s inner anguish in having to leave everything she knows behind to be this prince’s wife and keep a peace that she really doesn’t care about anymore than any other regular woman other than she’s told to. It’s probably the most out of place period piece movie and I love it for what it is every moment of it.

13 Assassins (2011): Takashi Miike is a brilliant prolific Japanese director and now he’s shifted his talents from the world of horror to fuedal Japan at the end of the Shogunate. There’s a really bad guy out there and these 13, now useless, samurai are going to end his life for the betterment of the nation. I love this movie for the very same reason I claim to love Straw Dogs above, it’s brilliant setup to a brilliant near 50 minute long action sequence of 13 samurais taking on near 200. It’s one of my favourite movies of 2011 so far.

Eyes Wide Shut (1999): As probably the only self-proclaimed cinephile on the internet who isn’t completely in love with Stanley Kubrick and his meticulous nature I couldn’t help myself fall in love with this unsolved mystery. I guess part of the allure at the moment is that I don’t think I quite got it all. There’s trouble in the home of the Harfords and one night Bill heads out and hears about this secret society which he finds his way into. It’s this big mystery now and Bill tries to figure it all out, but he doesn’t get very far. The film’s pacing and meticulously put together stream of consciousness is what has drawn me in and I can’t wait to revisit this movie with a more critical eye as to how this odd event affects this character.

What’ve you seen in the last couple months?



TUMP [EP#87 – Rubber] [SPOILERS]

In a week where not much made any sense let’s take a moment to talk about one of the most outlandish films of 2011 so far, Rubber. Read the notes below:

Let it be known that we do discuss this film is excruciating detail and a lot of our conversation could be taken as spoilers. So tread lightly.

Show Notes

What We Watched:

Damion (00:02:10): Paul, Unknown, Sucker Punch, Zack & Miri Make A Porno, The Box
Douglas (00:20:57): My Name Is Earl, Luther, The Shadow Line
Andrew (00:26:56): Happythankyoumoreplease, Source Code, Broadcast News, Game of Thrones

Trailers (00:55:00): Moneyball, Attack the Block

Review (01:10:06): Rubber

Questions (01:33:12)

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DVD Picks of the Week: June 14th

So yesterday I was a bit busy not doing anything so here I am making sure I catch up with all stuff related to movies. Here’s the DVD releases worth mentioning this week:

Buy It:


Directed by: Quentin Duplieux

Written by: Quentin Duplieux

Starring: Stephen Spinella, Roxane Mesquida & Wings Hauser

Why should you buy it? Because while this isn’t the movie that will be able to hold the attention of the masses it has a certain uniqueness to itself that for those people that will fall in love with it’s ability to force you to sit up and pay attention to any and everything shown to you on screen is fantastic. The film’s marketing plays up the story about a tire that has gained consciousness and has the ability to explode anything it chooses with the use of its, I’m going to just call it, mind. However, there’s a completely separate story being told parallel to that of an audience group watching this action taking place.

The movie resides in the realm of “with no reason” as obvious as the opening monologue that sets the film up perfectly. While I hesitate to immediately call it my favourite movie of 2011 so far, I think that it’s one of the best films of the year that I’ve seen thus far.

Rent It:

Battle: Los Angeles

Directed by: Jonathan Liebesman

Written by: Christopher Bertolini

Starring: Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez & Bridget Moynahan

Why should you rent it? This, honestly, is on the boderline of skipping. The film is pretty much a two hour long war film – that actually feels an hour longer than that – where instead of fighting off Nazis or the Viet Cong they’re fighting off aliens. While I enjoy these kind of gritty action filled war movies where a small group of marines are going from point to point taking care of any enemy they run into along the way I just felt uninterested by any of the characters that they gave me to cheer for in this movie. It’s well shot and well put together but lacks the attachment that movies need to really succeed and be memorable.

Read my full review here.

Skip It:

Hall Pass

Directed by: Bobby & Peter Farrelly

Written by: Pete Jones  & Peter Farrelly

Starring: Owen Wilson, Jason Sudekis, Christina Applegate, & Jenna Fischer

Why should you skip it? It’s just a bad bad bad comedy. When I think back to the jokes that actually worked I think the best one I can remember is the joke of Stephen Merchant‘s imagination as to what would happen if he got a hall pass during the end credits, and in all honesty I think that might be a bit of bias since I think Merchant is one of the funniest people in entertainment right now.

This movie has been done and it’s been done so much better. I believe since the 2008 release of The Hangover every comedy has been trying to imitate the idea of having a group of guys have a completely crazy time with no rules or consequences and this movie fails to do that in every way.

The Rest

Red Riding Hood
Haven: The Complete First Season
Glades: Season 1
Legend of Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen
Dance in the Vampire Bund: Complete Series
Kill the Irishman
Big Mommas: Like Father Like Son
The Makioka Sisters: The Criterion Collection
Supernatural: The Complete Second Season
The Concert

Blu Ray

Heavy Metal
The Cincinnati Kid
Insignificance: The Criterion Collection

What are you getting this week?

TUMP [EP#74 – Winnebago Man] [GUEST: Jeremy Kirk from & Film School Rejects]

This week we return from a hiatus that I refuse to admit how long it actually was. We’re joined by host of The Golden Briefcase, Jeremy Kirk, who also writes for as well as Film School Rejects as we all discuss the documentary Winnebago Man and talk about internet memes and all that good stuff. Check out the show below: Continue reading

Trailers: Rubber

It’s the movie that genre fans have been raving about for a whole year and it’s going to finally get a theatrical/VOD release soon. Here’s the first theatrical trailer for Rubber below:

Synopsis: In California, an audience watches a tire through binoculars. The tire is named Robert that has come to life. The tire eventually starts going on a killing spree.

I almost am not sure what to say about this. The story is like one of those crazy made by your friends for less than twenty dollars budget and you laugh at more because of how bad it is rather than how funny it is. But at the same time it looks like it’s a movie that was definitely intentionally made with a required budget and intentionally using these genre expectations to create this comedic effect and if that’s so then better for them and even better for me as a viewer. It looks like the perfect movie to rent and watch with a bunch of friends and laugh at the ridiculousness of it all.

What do you think of the trailer?