TUMP [EP#204 – Boyhood]



This time about in another really shortened discussion we take Linklater to task for his monumental experiment as we all get to watch a child’s life be formed in front of our eyes. Continue reading

TUMP [EP#203 – Three Colors: White & Red]


We’re back with another shortened TUMP where we focus on what’s important… the movies. If you missed it you can go back to #201 to hear us discuss the first film of this trilogy in heavy detail (we only glanced over it in this episode). Anyways let’s talk about trilogies and French things with two fun movies… Continue reading

TUMP [Bonus – September Fantasy Results]

maze runner

We’re back with the Fantasy League chatter and this one comes about a month late. We actually recorded this at the end of September (as you’ll hear us mention) but I’m a poor editor so here it is 4 weeks late, and hopefully I’ll have the October results show for you guys soon. Continue reading

TUMP [EP#202 – Undergound & Gone Girl] [SPOILERS]


It’s been near 3 weeks since I last posted a podcast and this one is a bit different. I was going to record a special intro explaining the shift in content, but I decided instead just to leave the audio 99% raw (with minimal clip insertions) and just let it out there.

In this episode we discuss the 1995 filmĀ Underground and the latest David Fincher filmĀ Gone Girl in excessive details. It’s been 2+ weeks since the film’s release so I feel fairly certain that for those of you out there interested in the film you would’ve seen the film already.

Enjoy this abridged podcast and look for more full blown content coming back soon. Continue reading

TUMP [EP#201 – Three Colors: Blue]


Here we return after our 200th reprisal and we are now looking at French cinema in the 90s it would seem. The Colors trilogy is one of the more revered series of films from that era and we begin with Blue, like everyone told us to… Continue reading