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Mood Indigo

TUMP [EP#186 - Mood Indigo]

Michel Gondry is back… he’s in French and no filter allowed as we watch the love of two eccentrics progress in the …


TUMP [Bonus - March Fantasy League Results]

March is over and the battle is heating up in the Fantasy League as we get closer to summer… I’m waiting on …

The Wolf of Wall Street

TUMP [EP#185 - The Wolf of Wall Street]

Here’s a delayed release… this past week (or maybe a week before that) me and my cohorts sat down to discuss the …

The Great Beauty

TUMP [EP#184 - The Great Beauty]

It’s March. Which means basically that as non-US or “first-tier” film territory that we are here in Jamaica (I’m ignoring how many …

Reservoir Dogs-1

Movies You Love Podcast [Episode #23 - Reservoir Dogs w/ Andrew Robinson]

It’s officially been one year since I released the first episode of the Movies You Love Podcast. This is the 24th episode …

This is England

TUMP [EP#183 - This is England]

What do you get when you mash a few skinheads up with the 80s, summer vacation and a pre-teen? Probably a bad …


TUMP [EP#182 - Nebraska]

With the Oscars over we’re finally getting around to catch up with some of the nominees – can we officially call them ‘losers’? – …

Phone Booth

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Phone Booth

Another podcast in the bag and this time around the wondrous Merrill Barr Amoxicillin For Sale, , from Forbes and Nerdist, stops by to discuss the 2003 classic, Phone Booth.


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TUMP [EP#181 - Oldboy]

So… like the rest of the internet, we love the Korean Oldboy film and when we heard that America was remaking it …

Paris Texas

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Paris Texas Buy Zithromax Without Prescription, So finally once again we stop talking about modern films and return to the classics. Where obscurity exists we shall always follow, order Zithromax online overnight delivery no prescription. Discount Zithromax, Or at least for this week as we find good reason to go back and talk about the Wim Wenders classic, Paris, about Zithromax, Purchase Zithromax online, Texas.

Review (00:03:05): Paris, Texas
Douglas' Classics (00:25:14): M.A.S.H, Zithromax interactions. Zithromax price, coupon, Questions (00:29:11)
Top 5 (00:41:42): Family Reunion Films


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