TUMP [EP#198 - Below]


This week we stop talking about good movies and talk about other things… like stuff you’d watch on cable because the internet stopped working, and there was a Zombie apolocalypse outside stopping your from going to the cinema, or staring at the sun for 2 hours. By that I mean we talk about the 2002 film, BELOW. Continue reading

Movies You Love Podcast [Episode #28 - Psycho (1960) w/ Kristen Sales]


This time around on the podcast I get to talk with Kristen Sales of Movie Mezzanine about the 1960 classic Psycho. When you’re behind the wheel with your boss’ cash on the seat next to you, do you jet out of town or are you gonna head back to the bank and make that deposit? Continue reading

Movies You Love Podcast [Episode#27 - Who Framed Roger Rabbit w/ Josh Spiegel]

Roger Rabbit This time around on the podcast we take a child like journey with low cut dresses and gorilla style bouncers when toon and man collided in filmmaking with Who Framed Roger Rabbit with my guest Josh Spiegel, of Mousterpiece Cinema. So strap in for some falling anvils and any other silly cartoon reference I can think of that this film does a lot better than I can do writing and enjoy… Continue reading

TUMP [EP#197 - Ida]

Ida, Sundance Film Festival 2014

Keeping in tune with the film we discuss this week let’s keep it short. There’s lots to discuss as Ida discovers what she’s missing and planning to give up and we talk about what we’re giving up by talking about movies all this time… Continue reading

TUMP [Bonus - July Fantasy Results]

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

With that July is over. We move from summer tans and college keg parties to apes ruling our land and big mistakes on both sides of the fence this month and it’s going to be awesome. Here we are again to break down July where I’m infinitely jealous of my cohosts’ choices and regret my own for this month. Continue reading