TUMP [EP#195 - Calvary]


This episode was actually recorded 2 weeks ago, just after the World Cup Semi-Finals and before the Final. So if you are wondering why Damion doesn’t sound less excited, it’s because he still is looking forward to the final. We will all enjoy his sadness and continued cynicism on the next episode. However enjoy us talking about that very thing (sadness and cynicism) as we discuss Calvary and death on this ep of TUMP…. Continue reading

TUMP [Bonus - June Fantasy League Results]


AND SUMMER CONTINUES!!! We move from electrified spiders to summer tans and college keg parties this month and it’s going to be awesome as we break down June and I start praying that my cohorts just stop watching movies and let me win this year on default. Continue reading

TUMP [EP#194 - Tim's Vermeer]

Tim's Vermeer

It’s pretty much a bad time for TUMP… our first release in about a month. It seems that everything that could ever happen to conspire against us in making podcasts. However, finally here’s us discussing one of my favourite documentaries of the year thusfar, Tim’s Vermeer.

Enjoy the heck out of this one.

Review (00:05:30): Tim’s Vermeer
Questions (00:39:36)
Top 5 (00:56:15): Smart People in Film

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Movies You Love Podcast [Episode #25 - Brazil w/ Edward Douglas]


And under the wire I hit the 2 week mark again just before the clock turns, and yes I’m using Jamaica as the clock that matters. This time around I talk with Edward Douglas (aka. the Weekend Warrior) of Coming Soon about one of his all time favourites, Brazil. As we dissect the idea of government’s control over their people and the rights that the world has given up we marvel at how Gilliam’s film applies so aptly to today’s society almost as if he predicted it all. Continue reading

TUMP [EP#193 - Like Father, Like Son]

like father like son

It’s that time. It’s been a few weeks, which means I get to make my cohosts watch a Japanese film that’s somber, makes us think about serious decisions and remind us all that our lives are pretty easy because we haven’t had to think this hard about our lives ever. Anyways enjoy:
Continue reading