50 Great Cinematic Death Scenes

I found myself lost with what to write about today, so I posed to question out on the official GmanReviews Facebook and Twitter pages.  I got a few interesting responses (which I will probably get around to writing about in the future) which included my Top Ten Greatest Death Scenes.  I immediately began scouring my memory (and Wikipedia) for ideas as to what would make the list.  As I started to populate a nice little text file with all my nominations I soon realised that I had written down almost fifty titles.  With fifty being a nice round figure I thought why not just leave it there?  So here are my 50 Great Cinematic Death Scenes:

This list was inspired by the idea that Halloween is around the corner, but with horror films being one of my massive cinematic blind spots I hope you will all forgive me for a few obvious omissions from this list.  Also, I’d like to place a massive spoiler warning here at the top.  Since I’m discussing deaths of characters in movies, which can be a massive spoiler for some films (and not that big for others) I’m going to let everyone know here that you should move forward at your own risk.  The list is in order of when the film was released, since I don’t want to try and rank all of these scenes just now.  Anyways here we go: Continue reading