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Fail Safe (1)

Fail-Safe (1964)

This is part of my Sidney Lumet Syllabus In January of 1964 if you lived in the US of A you would’ve been …

The Fugitive Kind (1)

The Fugitive Kind (1960)

This is part of my Sidney Lumet Syllabus The film revolves around the world of Val Xavier (Marlon Brando) as he seems …

Close Up (4)

Blindspot: Close-Up (1990)

If I had to be honest, I believe this was the film that was my excuse for doing the Blindspot Series. I …

A Late Quartet (3)

Movie Review: A Late Quartet (2012)

The film begins with us hearing Peter (Christopher Walken) talking about Beethoven’s Opus 131 to his students. He explains that Beethoven had …