What I’ve Been Watching: Aug 5th – Aug 11th

Another week and another list of films I watched. It’s odd how I’m starting to find a pace that works for me again such that I can knock off six or more films a week without too much of a hassle and still be employed. Still counting down the days to my vacation and working hard to see what improvements I can bring the site (if you have any suggestions comment please).

Last week I posted this first of a new feature, Comic Corner, where I discussed the new Hawkeye comic book. Please let me know what you think of that feature and if you have any recommendations for future posts in that feature let me know in the comments or email.

Anyways, I shall let my weekly tally speak for itself.


BACHELORETTE (2012) – Not quite Hangover and not quite Bridesmaids, but still a pretty funny raunchy female-centric comedy where people are going to get married. How dare they not have a Party Down reference.
THE BABYMAKERS (2012) – It’s to be put in the bad pile of Broken Lizard and never discussed again.
MID-AUGUST LUNCH (2008) – I’m now frightened of old people, and this movie is bad, does nothing for just over an hour.
HICK (2012) – Nothing worth discussing but a weirdly nice performance by Chloe Moretz
JIRO DREAMS OF SUSHI (2012) – One of the best documentaries I’ve seen this year, which continues to prove my belief that if you talk to people passionate and skilled in something specific no matter how niche that thing is it can still be enthralling.
BEING FLYNN (2012) – Mediocre film in which De Niro is cast just to shout in a Pacino-like manner for the full runtime.
TOKYO STORY (1953) – A particularly great film that I do love, just not sure if I’m ready to place it in my top ten of all time.
EASTBOUND & DOWN (SEASON 3) – A great season ending, but not sure if I’m primed for more.


SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN (1952)“Moses supposes erroneously”
BLUE VALENTINE (2010)“I have to sing goofy”


124 First time watches (52 from 2012); 76 Rewatches; 200 Total Films


What have you been watching?

20 Films to Look Forward to in 2012

Last year it seemed to be a pretty popular post and after putting 2011 behind me with my Top 20 of the Year posted I think it’s time that I take a look forward.

You may ask if I feel like 2012 will be a better year for cinema than 2011 was? I’d first say that I thought 2011 was  a pretty good year for movies and I can’t imagine how much worse they could do this year with some of my favourite filmmakers all having films being released this year.

These films are ordered only by their release date (so don’t try and quibble with me about ranking) and I do admit that this list is just brushing the surface of films that I’m inevitably going to head out to the cinema to enjoy, I know I’m a sick sick man. So let’s get into the thick of it.

Haywire (dir. Steven Soderbergh) Jan. 20th

Have I not mentioned my love of all things Soderbergh? He’s a director who’s willing to take chances with genres and differing techniques and this time around he’s going to make his first ever action movie. I’ll be there to see the results.

Chronicle (dir. Josh Trank) Feb. 3rd

I do feel like the “found footage” genre is getting a little used but somehow this one still looks worth my time. Maybe it’s because I just like that guy from Parenthood and want to see how he does.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (dir. Mark Neveldine & Brian Taylor) Feb. 17th

So those of you out there who read this blog may know that I loathe the first Ghost Rider film. I however, do believe that this is one of the best trailers of the last year since not only is it generally exciting, but it’s also exciting with Nicolas Cage in it being Ghost Rider, one of the worst comic book characters of all time… But Neveldine and Taylor have a certain style of frenetic ridiculous action that I feel it might just deliver on it’s promise of entertainment.

Being Flynn (dir. Paul Weitz) Mar. 2nd

Robert De Niro is an actor who over the years has fallen out of favour from time to time but has never truly escaped our minds completely with his talent. Here, along with Paul Dano, he will play the role of a struggling writer who has a chance to reconnect with his estranged son and I imagine the bumps along the way will make for entertaining drama.

Casa de mi Padre (dir. Matt Piedmont) Mar. 16th

Will Ferrel in what looks to be an all Spanish film, about the most insane and over the top hero character. I’m in.

The Raid (dir. Gareth Evans) Mar 23rd

I’ve heard nothing but great things about this movie since it screened at TIFF last year and based on the trailer I can’t imagine myself not falling in love. It looks like what you would get if you took Hard Boiled and 13 Assassins, blended them together and then decided to remove the first hour of character build and just throw me into the middle of the action.

Prometheus (dir. Ridley Scott) June 8th

Yes I fear the internet. Can you imagine what would’ve happened if I had left this off the list? Actually I’m curious. With Idris Elba and Michael Fassbender in the remake prequel to Alien, the film that I believe put Scott on the map, I’m curious enough.

Brave (dir. Mark Andrews & Brenda Chapman) June 22nd

It’s Pixar and it’s not Cars. Enough.

G. I. JOE: Retaliation (dir. Jon Chu) June 29th

Just like Ghost Rider I think the action looks just right to get me in the theatre. Only disappointment is that Joseph Gordon-Levitt won’t be back to reprise his career defining role as Cobra Commander.

Magic Mike (dir. Steven Soderbergh) June 29th

Two Soderbergh films in one year? Is that allowed? I’m gushing.

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