A month after our last recording session we find some time to get together to talk about the latest underdog story Warrior. Check out the show below: Show Notes: What We’ve Been Watching: Andrew (00:02:45): The Lion King 3D, 50/50, The Help, The Lord of the Rings Extended Damion (00:12:48): Transformers: Dark of the Moon, … Continue reading “TUMP [EP#96 – WARRIOR]”


In a week where not much made any sense let’s take a moment to talk about one of the most outlandish films of 2011 so far, Rubber. Read the notes below: Let it be known that we do discuss this film is excruciating detail and a lot of our conversation could be taken as spoilers. … Continue reading “TUMP [EP#87 – RUBBER] [SPOILERS]”