Addicted to the Tube – Dexter Season 1


Addicted to the Tube has returned. I know it has been a long while since I blogged but since the people in charge of gmanReviews are having problems sending my paycheck I had to find myself a job, which kept me very busy. It is the time of year when we get ready for season returns. I plan to do as many reviews as possible. The first on my list is the Showtime hit, Dexter. Season 4 of Dexter is scheduled to air September 27th. Continue reading

Addicted to the Tube – Weeds Season 1

Weeds is a series created by Jenji Kohan that is centered around the character of Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker), a widow from the suburbs of Agrestic in Los Angeles California. Nancy’s husband Judah died tragically from a heart attack which left her to take care of her two sons Silas and Shane. Nancy decides to earn her living by selling weed in the suburbs of Agrestic. Heylia James (Tonye Patano) and Conrad Shepard (Romany Malco) are her weed suppliers.

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