Let’s start this out with the admission that I’m odd, or at least that’s what I think at times. Everyone has had this conundrum, whether it happens to them twice a year or fifty it’s the same paradox. You’re not sure whether you believe a film may be worth a full price ticket at the local Cineplex and you’re not sure what to do. Do you risk it and hope to be surprised, or skip it and wait another year to randomly catch it on HBO (if you have such lavish things) and expect to be vindicated in your decision a year prior?

There are films that do this to me. However, in my odd state, I find that more than often I tend to take the risk, if for no reason other than I love movies too much. As I tend to say to people who discover this about me, “I have an addiction, and I’m still not ready for the 12 step plan.” Here are some movies coming out over the next six months that I’ve not quite come to a decision as to whether they’re movie theatre worthy or just catch on cable forgettable, help me decide:

Pitch Perfect: I’m not sure if this movie is going to hit that perfect tone of spoof for it to work for me without being one of the ridiculously bad episodes of Glee (I’ve gone on record being nice about that show, but post first season has gotten progressively worse)

The Paperboy: Is it a court room drama or a psychopathic murdering gorefest? I’m not sure. It feels to me like all I’m going to be able to say nice about this movie is that it has good actors and they were good.

Argo: This is a case of a trailer just feeling off to me. It starts out as a proper CIA office driven spy film and then turns into a wacky Hollywood is crazy movie and I’m not sure which of those two beasts this movie will really serve.

Zero Dark Thirty: Katheryn Bigelow (a filmmaker I respect) is going on a hunt of Bin Laden. I just don’t see this subject matter being done in a manner that doesn’t come off as America jerking itself off completely for some reason (*cough* Newsroom *cough*).

The Impossible: Sometimes a movie comes off with too much heart, last year taught me that I shouldn’t be doubtful of them, but I’m going to go ahead and doubt this one.

Am I wrong to doubt these? Which films do you doubt?

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Author: Andrew Robinson

This is my blog. There are many others like it, but this one is mine. My blog is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me, my blog is useless. Without my blog, I am useless. I must fire my blog true. I will. Before God I swear this creed: my blog and myself are defenders of my mind, we are the masters of our enemy, we are the saviors of my life. So be it, until there is no enemy, but peace. Amen.