Now I like many people love watching 80s movies. Especially ones starring Eddie Murphy (“Trading Places”[1983], “Coming To America”[1988], “Beverly Hills Cop”[1984]), but recently all his movies have been utter trash. I’m talking about, “Norbit” [2007], “Daddy Day Care” [2003], “The Adventures of Pluto Nash” [2002], and “Bowfinger” [1999]. The last movie (except for “Shrek” [2001] and “Shrek 2” [2004]) that I truly enjoyed that he starred in was “Life” [1999], which not only was before the turn of the last century/millennium but I’m sure if I watched it again now I would probably see a lot of problems and throw it in with all the other crap I mentioned above.

It was recently reported by Kevin Bowers of that Eddie Murphy will be retiring. And I believe I can speak for many film critics and possibly most movie goers when I say “THANK GOD!!!!” I somewhat understand what Mr. Murphy was going through these last few years.  I’m sure some of the films were to pay those bills (yes I know Scary Spice’s child must’ve cost lots of money) and some were so that you have movies with you in it that your children could watch, which is understandable. But why not take the comedy style back to the 80s where everyone got a laugh and you weren’t cursing in every line like Mr. Pryor suggests and you can still let the odd guy “Have a coke and a smile!!!” I mean there are a lot of PG comedies out there that are kid-friendly and at the same time even adults love, like “Back to the Future” [1985], “Kung-Fu Panda” [2008], “The Truman Show” [1998], etc.

Should we be happy for Eddie Murphy? Because he made boat loads of money doing horrible movies after gaining our trust back in the 80s for his great movies and comedy specials like “Raw”? Or for the fact that he tried to make movies that we could take our children to while hoping we could like it at the same time? Or should we be happy because rumour has it that we won’t have to see any more of his movies [at least for now] ? Hopefully he won’t be like Jay-Z and feel the need to do some more work and it turns out to be more of the same crap.

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Author: Andrew Robinson

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  • Tucker

    I thought I was alone in hating this guys stuff. I could not watch more than 10 minutes of Norbit. It was that awful. I am happy if its true that he has planned to retire. M. Night Shayamalan should take a hint from his alleged departure and do the same.

  • Lee

    Amen to retirement. I hope he doesn't direct nor produce either.

  • i love all Eddie Murphy movies. i like also the movie DAVE where he co stars with Elizabeth Banks.";"

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