So next week I will be in Toronto attending TIFF for the second year running. Which is wow to be honest. A while back I wasn’t sure if I’d ever attend the festival once much less twice in a row. There’s some bad things coming to me at this point I’m sure.

Regardless I’ve realized that I’m doing something strange to myself this weekend prior to the festival. I’m researching.

There are a lot of filmmakers at the festival with whom I’m ridiculously familiar with and some I’m not. I wonder if I’m the only person “watching up” — can I officially coin that term — on certain filmmakers that I’m planning on catching their next new thing at TIFF. Some films I’m watching are fond revisits, others are completely fresh to me.

So here’s my weekend list of films to watch and for what:

Drug War (dir. Johnnie To), Blind Detective

Drug War-crop

This is Not a Film (dir. Jafar Panahi), Closed Curtain

This is not a Film

Dog Day Afternoon (dir. Sidney Lumet), The Dog

Dog Day Afternoon

The Last Circus (dir. Alex de la Iglesia), Witching and Bitching

Balada Triste de Trompeta dirigida por Alex de la Iglesia

Submarine (dir. Richard Ayoade), The Double


Up in the Air (dir. Jason Reitman), Labor Day


Read my full schedule, with single tickets to come soon here on my tiffr.

What’s on your TIFF list and are you preparing?