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As you would’ve noticed I’ve been on and off… here’s my next attempt to turn this writing machine that is my brain back on. I want to keep this netflix column going, so here we go.

Short Term 12 - PShort Term 12

Do you like feeling things? Have you not felt them in a while? Then possibly this one will kick start that good-old emotion engine you’ve been neglecting as of late.

Last year people were really hyping this small indie darling that did a big round of the festival circuit and I was really beginning to worry that it was all hot air. Happily (or not so much if you take on the subject matter as seriously as the film does) the film was anything but that. With some fascinating characters that exist in its world

Laurence AnywaysLaurence Anyways - P

What happens when a man decides he wants to be a woman. More than that, what happens in relation to his girlfriend? His job as a school teacher? His life?

While I don’t think these questions are new to cinema, Laurence Anyways remains an interesting jaunt again into the world of sexuality and society’s view of it.


Far Out - PFar Out Isn’t Far Enough: The Tomi Ungerer Story

Now for the documentation out there who loves discussing art and the source of passions for the artist this movie is perfect. It deals with the struggles of making art and trying to figure out not just how to inspire it but how an artist deals with this moments of not being inspired.

When you add in the fact that the art we see, as Tomi Ungerer was one of the biggest children’s book writers/artists of his time, is down right phenomenal you can’t help but be intrigued.

Here Comes the DevilHere Comes the Devil - P

Hmmm… Should I recommend this one?

Here’s one that I caught at TIFF 2 years back and haven’t seen since. It’s about a couple of children that are lost one day in a mountain and when found are unlike what they were before. I’m noticing more and more that Mexican horror is becoming more prevalent among the more beloved horror films of today and I really like some of the ideas that this film plays. Especially when dealing with some fears of the unknown as it relates to what you want and don’t want to see in your own home.

It’s really moody, really slow at times, and low budget enough that it could be off putting to some. However, if you’re that guy who digs into horror like the cookie monster does into cookies and you haven’t seen this one then maybe you can give this a try.

As a note while I was off Netflix also added Michael Winterbottom’s EVERYDAY. You should all watch that.

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