Blue is the Warmest Color

After these first two months of watching the strategies of Netflix and how they throw titles into their magic box for us to enjoy I’m starting to believe that it would be more advantageous for me to make this feature an every other week-ly post… considering it. I realize that I missed last week, while I was deadly (not really deadly) sick and as I skimmed the titles that were released the week previous there was a whole lot of nothing worth sharing, unless I started to point towards just what was available in general as opposed to newly available. Which as I think about it I may start throwing into the mix here.

However, with a new month beginning (the best month) Netflix has thrown a lot of films up (a lot older films) for us all to enjoy. Which gives me a chance to dig around and see what people may have not seen throughout the years. See my recommendations below:

Blue is the Warmest Color - PosterBlue is the Warmest Color (2013)

I finally got to watch this one this weekend gone by, after being one of my biggest regrets from the last TIFF, and while I wasn’t impressed as heavily as many others were with the film as being the reinvention of cinema or whatnot it’s a damn good love story none the less. If you’re in to really intimate love stories and really harsh emotional roller coasters that you’ll buy into it is that and more. Throw in some lady bits and you’ve got a three hour long French film.


Dirty Dancing (1987)Dirty Dancing - Poster

“Nobody puts baby in a corner…”

If only all my life situations were solved with that line my life would be set. It’d also be quite boring I feel.

I love this movie. It’s one of those cheesy films from the 80s that works on every level. It’s an engaging love story that you’ll love, it’s a great dance film and it entertains at every corner. If you happen to be that one of your group which hasn’t seen this classic consider yourself primed to give it a click on the Netflix thingy…

The Ice StormThe Ice Storm (1997)

I saw this film for the first time a couple of years ago and I can’t stop swooning over it. Ang Lee has slowly won me over as a filmmaker who’s more and more intricate in how he weaves interpersonal relationships in his films and this is one of his best.

There are so many films that we watch are really just about family. It’s about all of those awkward pauses that you find yourself having in conversations with your family that in any other context with any other person that you don’t know so well would truly be awkward, but since it’s with your family it’s ok. The Ice Storm is a film about the family and how no matter how messed up certain things can be at any given moment somehow they all manage to work out and at the end of the night you’re no longer hating your brother or your son or your mother anymore.

Dr. Strangelove (1964)Dr Strangelove

If only we did satire this well today… that’s harsh, we do, but this one is special to me and I can’t help but think of it as extraordinary in a way that I nostalgically will remember certain films from my childhood and would love to remember them as being that good. This film is transformative. It’s probably the number one film from the 60s that I feel would be the best introduction to young movie lovers who are reluctant to go into canon, because they exist.

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