Now most blogs I’ve been reading have been posting this recent thing. And now since it is officially May (by the powers of the calender), I feel it is the right time to start talking about what I want to see this summer.

I’m not placing these films in any partcular order, just as they come to mind.

  1. Iron Man

    It comes out tomorrow, and the weekend will not end without me seeing this movie. Robert Downey’s wit + Iron Man’s awesomeness will make this movie amazing to watch and be the opener for the box office summer money machine. Summer is the time for the action packed films, and this will be the one to set the tone I believe.

  2. Indiana Jones and The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

    I am a 80s child, which means that I grew up knowing three things:

    • If I ever made a mistake, all I need to call Doc Brown to fix it.
    • When in doubt with what to do with my life just join the army.
    • Indiana Jones is awesome…

    I have been a fan of Indy ever since I was like 3 years old. So there is no way I continue my life without seeing Harrison Ford reprising the role of the quick witted and acting archeologist who always gets the lady no matter how much she hates him at the beginning of the movie.

  3. Hancock

    Not a huge fan of Will Smith movies, however this one looks like it will blend the two things that it really needs (Action+Comedy) in order to make it great. And what makes it seem even more enticing is that it kind of looks like it will be a not so silly slap in the face to Marvel and DC and everyone who makes all the damn superhero movies (ie. Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Daredevil, X-Men, etc.). This is what companies should be making instead of “Superhero Movie” where they try to take everything over the top.

  4. Pineapple Express

    When is Seth Rogen ever been a bad thing? Seth Rogen gets high, sees a murder, and goes on the run. This movie looks HIGH-FRIGGIN-HILARIOUS, when the redband trailer hit the net there wasn’t a line/scene from that trailer that didn’t have me rolling on the floor.

  5. The Wackness

    Unfortunately I wasn’t invited to Sundance (never been and would love to go), and from all the reviews I’ve seen of this film, looks like a must see for me. The trailers that have been released to the net aren’t too convincing, but I’m willing to look passed that and give it a really good try.

  6. Get Smart

    This is me connecting with my 5 year old inside. I used to watch this show with my brother at night, always kept me laughing, and seems like a role that would suit Steve Carell’s style of humour too well. Mel Brooks created, how could they mess it up??? REALLY?

  7. WALL E

    Pixar releases another film which as usual being over the age of eight I should be hiding my wishes to see it, but I’m tired of doing it. Nearly every film that Pixar makes I have to hide and watch so that I am not ridiculed by my peers, but I no longer feel ashamed… I love Pixar and I hope Pixar loves me back, will be first in line to see the movie, and the only one not taking a five year old to it.

  8. Bangkok Dangerous

    Not a huge Nick Cage fan, unless it’s a ridiculous action film where he doesn’t need to change his facial expression from hard ass assassin (which it doesn’t seem he needs to). I have not seen the Hong Kong original, but this definitely seems like a must see.

  9. The Dark Knight

    Christopher Nolan comes back to bring us Batman the way we love it. With really really dark realizations of the 80s idea of a rich stuck up caped avenger. Heath Ledger poses as the Joker, which Jack Nicholson (former Joker) said killed him. I loved Batman Begins, and I’m sure this will be THE best Blockbuster of the summer, I doubt any film will top this for gross or meeting expectations.

  10. Wanted

    Cmon, who hasn’t thought of bending bullets??? I know I have.. and if you haven’t I hope the planet you came from has a return policy. The movie looks like it will be so ridiculous action that you can’t help but laugh/gawk/drop your jaw in the theatre seat. This will be this years “Shoot ‘Em Up”.

So I’ve given you my take on the summer that has basically began already… whats yours?

PS. Close Calls:

  • The Incredible Hulk
    Big fan of Edward Norton and hope that this movie won’t suck as much as Ang Lee’s version with Eric Bana
  • Son of Rambow
    Trailer looks hilarious, and taps into my kiddy side which loves a Rambo film
  • Speed Racer
    Was so wanting to see this movie, till I saw the recent music video which showed a lot of visuals, and I may have a seizure while watching.
  • Step Brothers
    Loved “Talladega Nights” with the two of these guys playing off of each other with the humour, this is a good idea for a movie and I hope it works out, and doesn’t suck like “Walk Hard” or “Blades of Glory”.

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