Note: I saw in 2D

The horror franchise is best known for doing one of two things right, when they get anything right, scaring you or making you laugh. There are very few times that it can do both, or ever more than that. This isn’t an exception to that rule.

Early on in film it’s made very obvious that the film’s entire purpose is to entertain you rather than make you worry about what’s in your close while you try to fall asleep. The point that Jerry (Colin Farrell) is actually a vampire doesn’t remain as speculation for very long for the audience which is what helps make every scene that follows work as him just messing with the people around him. You start to watch the movie as watching who knows this fact and who doesn’t and how they each react to what may seem socially normal and what it actually means.

What makes this movie great comedic/action/horror fun is what also makes it also categorized as “not that good a movie”. If you’re not willing to allow this movies to win you over then you’re going to spend the better half of the film hating yourself for taking the time to head down to the theatre and spend your good money to watch it. However, if you’re into seeing Farrell and Tennant pretty much just stand there and smirk at you as they play their roles in such an over the top fashion then you’re in for a fun ride.

Otherwise the film is rather ill suited for the remake. All the other characters are pretty run of the mill ironed out roles. Anton Yelchin plays the eventual hero, Christopher Mintz-Plasse is the nerdy best friend and really shows his lack of range while still being likeable and fun, Toni Collette is a fun mother type and Imogen Poots is eye candy for the young adults in the room. Everyone is who they are and just an excuse for us to enjoy Farrell and Tennant.

Rating: 6.0/10


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Author: Andrew Robinson

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