Almost two years ago I wrote about movies so bad people find them entertaining, but something seems to have changed. With the sudden phenomenon that is live tweeting certain films that make what would be usually ignored pieces of trash into event movies. I remember recently so far being Liz & Dick and the latest apocalypse that is Sharknado.  There’s even a weekly online get together hosted by Kevin Carr where every week they find a movie (usually available streaming) and time their start time to begin the social media tirade on the film. I can’t understand it.

Let’s begin with me admitting that I honestly believe that there are people out there who non-sarcastically adore these films, I assume based on my general shotgun principle, through and through. If you are this person, I am not talking about you. I love you and I hope you keep enjoying this pile of sharks spinning in a tornado to make the epic that is Sharknado. I hope you tell the tale of when you first saw it and your life was changed for the better.

So… for the rest of you all who took to this moment in television history with little else to do that night. Why? I honestly want to know. Why? As your eyes started to peel away throughout the even did you start to hate yourself for committing to this film? I honestly can’t figure it out.

General sarcastic viewing of things is done in a sense of mocking it’s actual audience. The sincere audience of a thing who walk in their with their suspension of disbelief perfectly in tact and willing to enjoy the silly that is Sharknado. The sarcastic crowd are the people who come up with Honest Trailers or Cinema Sins/Everything Wrong With. which is a thing that I really hate seeing sometimes. While some films deserve to have the shit kicked out of them why then take a skeptical eye to a movie like that when you know that’s what you’re looking for.

The thing about it is movies require a sense of optimism in order for it to turn out to have any sense of connection with the viewer. If you as a viewer aren’t willing to give yourself to the world of a movie it’s not going to do anything other than enrage you. So why bother to go into a movie basically looking to make a tally of all of it’s cinematic sins and general stupidity. Movies are inherently stupid. If you want to debate how probable it is for a single man to take back a tower taken over by terrorists on Christmas Eve without any shoes on or that dinosaurs DNA can be reconstructed and brought back into existence thanks to mosquitoes, then you’ve got a bigger problem than coming up with the latest twitter quip for Nicolas Cage’s next hair style.

I’m not making a case against B-movies. B-movies can be fun. When you think about it really films like Lockout and Dredd are basically B-movies. This is all the way to J-movies, or maybe even as far as M-movies. These are the movies so bad that when the year is out the only way you’ll find it is if you have a friend who didn’t bother to remove it from their DVR.