TUMP [EP#217 – The Visit] [SPOILERS]


This week we return to the world of current releases to put the nail in the coffin, or not, of the career of M. Night Shyamalan as we discuss his latest film The Visit as well as our smattering of thoughts on whatever we enjoyed this week with the return of our newest segment No Time to Explain. Enjoy: Continue reading

TUMP [Bonus: September Fantasy Results]

Another month gone which means it’s time to update our Fantasy League tallies. We’re hitting the tail end of the year and font-runners, Ed, are getting harder and harder to catch up with. Was this year a year to be destined to Ed? Or can it be turned around?

We discuss the September figures and some films we caught up with after the fact. Continue reading

TUMP [EP#216 – Rancho Notorious]


This week we go back in time to when westerns dominated the popular cinematic ethos and had us jumping up and down for my jangling spurs as well as discussing the weird nature of trailers spoiling movies and wondering if it’s exactly what the people want, but still complain about spoilers. Enjoy: Continue reading

TUMP [EP#215 – Tom at the Farm]


This week we’re going French Canadian with Xavier Dolan’s Tom at the Farm. We also ramble on after that about a slew of films in a segment I like to call No Time to Explain. So enjoy: Continue reading

TUMP [EP#214 – Comet]


This time on TUMP we take a look at a film about love and some wierd science fiction that doesn’t quite make much sense, but it’s got lots of edits and lots of cool music, so who cares.

Enjoy this abridged version of the discussion where we go close to the film and discuss Comet. Continue reading