TUMP [EP#210 – Starred Up]

starred up

This time around not only am I few days late but I actually still have another one to come in a few days guys, so expect this to get furious with content soon. Anyways in this episode we discuss all things restrictive as we talk about the film Starred Up among others. Continue reading

TUMP [EP#209 – Love is Strange]

love is strange

This week we return with the latest in relationship comedies Love is Strange. With so much of 2014 still bubbling into our cinemas and generally being talked about it’s hard to avoid. Continue reading

TUMP [Bonus – Top Ten of 2014]


The year of 2014 is over and it’s time for all of us as a collective on the podcast to say goodbye by talking about our favourite films of the year. It may already be mid way through the month of January but it’s still time to chip in our nominees for the year end.
Continue reading

TUMP [EP#208 – Men, Women & Children]


Jason Reitman returns with his look at how internet culture is affecting our day to day lives and it looks like a special one doesn’t it.  Continue reading

TUMP [EP#207 – Listen Up Philip]

Listen Up Phillip

It’s the end of year which means it’s the time when the internet tricks me into watching movies that I wasn’t sure of earlier in the year as to whether it’d be good or not. Here we are (in a short) discussion of the film Listen Up Philip. Enjoy: Continue reading