Every 10 Minutes: The Last of the Mohicans

And so the Every 10 Minutes feature returns, and let’s hope it never leaves my side again, because something about this one showed me this exercise is now very important…

We all love film for so many reasons, and one of them is the obvious visual element. I wanted, like these individuals, to highlight this idea but at the same time without completely taking and repurposing it.

Then I started to question what if the same progression we witness over the film’s complete runtime was able to be condensed into only a few images, but rather than being selective of those images make it completely structured? What would we notice now that we may not have while watching the film? And this idea is born.

The idea is this, take a film and take a snapshot every ten minutes (as close as possible with my feeble shakey hands on VLC) and play with the narrative and focus of the film. This week I want to look at the film from 1992 film The Last of the Mohicans.


I run this country…

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The Other Ghibli Marathon: The Cat Returns (2002)

QualitŽ: deuxime gŽnŽration.  Titre: Le Royaume Des Chats.

This is part of my Other Ghibli Marathon. While most of my posts will feel/read like full reviews this one is slightly different. I’d call this more of a reactionary posting than anything else, a short smattering of thoughts and just me ranting because this one didn’t start me off too well.

The Cat Returns feels more like a lazy repurposing of previous works than anything else. If you force one to create a random adventure story of a youth being thrust into a strange world — something that Ghibli is known for doing – but instead of making the world any form of interesting, are you killing your soul? Continue reading

Part of the Conversation: Criticism v. Review, TIFF, Jazz, PG-13

I’ve always struggled with community. Not just with the internet but with life as well, and I want to change that. I’ve had weekly link posts and they’ve fizzled. I do spend a lot of time stretching across the vast land of the internet and film criticism and discussion, but I never truly engage. Here’s hoping this will be that engagement I’ve been missing.

This post is going live on a Sunday, but it’ll really be a Saturday feature starting next week. I plan to post excerpts and links back to some of my most beloved pieces that I found time to read the week gone by as a way to give some love to some of the writers out there who inspire/affect me on a daily basis in my thoughts of how I perceive film and constantly find themselves as Part of the Conversations I end up having with myself as well as others.

This week’s offering includes


by Jandy

“I’ve been contrasting weekly reviewing to in-depth criticism for years now, though I never really considered the evaluative angle before. My shorthand has always been that reviewing is for people who haven’t seen the film (“is this worth my money”), while criticism is for people who HAVE seen the film (“what does this mean”). I still hold that view, and I prefer reading criticism. I’d rather find out more about a film I’ve seen than hear opinions about one I haven’t. If I read about a film I haven’t seen, I want to hear about something I haven’t heard of and why I should watch it.”  Continue reading

Blindspot: The Great Dictator (1940)

The Great Dictator 2

Two years ago I watched City Lights, my very first Charlie Chaplin film. There’s something about firsts that stay with us. No matter what we’re always seeking to replicate that feeling while at the same time always remembering the joy it brought us. It’s an impossible feat for anything to accomplish on it’s second or third attempts at hitting that very same experience again. So why is it I feel so bitter sweet about this one? Continue reading

Spoilers: A Modern Evolution That We Need To Ignore


This past weekend I released the latest episode of the Movies You Love Podcast — if you’ve never listened to it I recommend you check it out. In the process of editing it I couldn’t help but think something.

I did what I normally did. I listened through, then started working on my intro, which I did a few times before I got it the way I wanted it, then I began adding all the extra noises that I feel makes it feel all pseudo-professional. At this point in time I started hunting down the trailer for Psycho — the film in question — and found myself entranced. I knew that Hitchcock did these elongated trailers where he would talk about the movie as opposed to showing a sizzle reel to entice the viewers. I believe I’d even seen a couple many years back. However, something about this one struck me. It told the whole story. Hitchcock even jokes about it in the trailer. He gives away almost every beat of that film in how he describes the horrors you’re being teased to see. This in itself made me start to think about the idea of spoilers. Continue reading