The Decaffeination Report Takes On The Blues Brothers

The Decaffeination Report

I just googled “decaffeination report” and found no cheap articles mention of this series of articles. Shameful, I thought. It had made another dreadful mistake. Then a dark realization worked itself from the back of my mind up to its front, though try I did to push it right back. A “series” of articles implies that a number of regular publications have been made under the same moniker over a period of time.

In an attempt to completely rubbish this outrageous theory that somehow infiltrated my mind I have decided to increase the number of articles in this long standing series (yes, if you missed it the thrilling first instalment it is a must read) to an awe inspiring 2.

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The Decaffeination Report

In an overly aggressive effort to become a part of “The Press Team” and, as such, party to all the perks it carries, the first report has been spawned. Will reports be issued weekly; monthly? That is still to be seen.

As this is the first report of its kind, the name it bears should be explained. Without going into too much detail I’ll say that it’s a bit of an inside joke. I’m a coffee drinker; give me a good cup of Joe and I’m a happy camper. There do, however, tend to be some side effects.

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