Sicario: The Film That Breaks Me In Two


Note: This is not a review of Sicario. This is a lunatic’s (me) random feelings on what Sicario has done to me and why I can’t write a thoughtful review of this film, and copy and paste for all films that fall into this category for me.

Every once in a while I see a film that I battle with. It’s not because I dislike it, it’s because I don’t dislike it, or so I tell myself.

There are so many ways for you to look at a movie. It can be entertaining, enlightening, interesting, soothing, and the list goes on and on. I honestly believe that if you can earnestly attribute any of those (including the infinite options not listed) then that movie can be a great movie for you. Continue reading

‘The End’ Isn’t the Only Winning Position In Film Watching

3 women

Last night I lay on the couch having just finished another episode of Netflix’s Daredevil and saying to myself that I feel like watching a movie. Uncertain as to what I want to watch I did what anyone these day and age do, I started scrolling through Netflix — the new channel surfing. Eventually I crossed paths with 3 Women, a film that I should’ve known was a poor choice. Not because it’s a bad movie, but because I know that in my current state a film that like would just not work for me. However, I did press play and an hour in I ended my suffering. Continue reading

Thanks to ‘Birdman’ I’m Questioning if Criticism Can Be Art?


Let me take a minute to skip the obvious “Of course it is” comment. Because it is. Or to be more clear it can be. Especially when criticism is what fuels art, as Birdman is. Birdman, as a film, is running on the fumes from many films and artists being criticized of things they have no right to be criticized of.

Alejandro González Iñárritu, the director and one of the four people who wrote the film sits atop his lofty heights to piss down over the rest of us schlubs that paid our [insert your local cinema’s ticket price] to watch flashing lights amuse us for 90 minutes or more. He says to us that we’re what’s wrong with art and not that art itself. Continue reading