Announcing The Other Studio Ghibli Films Marathon


When we say Studio Ghibli we immediately think of Hayao Miyazaki, and for good reason. I even wrote a post earlier this month about him and his work — which if you haven’t read take a look see. However, while I have seen some non-Miyazaki Ghibli films (i.e. The Grave of the FirefliesWhisper of the Heart) there are still a few of the films that they’ve produced that I’ve yet to check out, and I’m almost certain that they’re more than worth my time.  Continue reading

Writing About Film and the Notes of Mine


I’m strange. I started writing about movies here (and other places) as just a thing I enjoy. I already loved movies and the internet was just a part of my life already, so why not merge these two obviously important things about my life and make it into a thing — I mean a hobby. Normal people have hobbies, why can’t this be mine.

As I was almost one of a kind within my initial peripheral vision I never really had anyone to guide me into how to make this into a career and be professional about it. Continue reading

What I’ve Been Watching: Apr 19 – Apr 25

Spaceballs - Tobo

Say something fun

ZATOICHI THE FUGITIVE (1963) – I keep expecting this franchise to hit a slump, but it doesn’t.
SPARTACUS (1960) – Kubrick being boring… can you imagine that?
COLD FISH (2010) – who knew that the Japanese could be this Korean? I did I guess…
ENEMY (2014) – Doubly weird, and doubly intriguing…
GET CARTER (1971) – This era of British cinema hasn’t worked on me much I’ve found.
MYSTERY TRAIN (1989) – Can I keep hating Jarmusch anyways? Damn this is amazing.
GUN CRAZY (1950) – sex in a gun… what’s bad about that?
THAT AWKWARD MOMENT (2014) – when Wallace makes the best joke and the movie still sucks…


GIRL WALK // ALL DAY“you should always be happy”
SPACEBALLS“What? You went over my helmet?”
ROBIN HOOD: MEN IN TIGHTS“unlike some other Robin Hoods, I can speak with an English accent.”

My count for the year of 2014 is updated to 109 First time watches (23 from 2014); 55 Rewatches; 164 Total Films

What I’ve Been Watching: Apr 5 – Apr 18

Wolf Children

I don’t really have much of an intro to add this week. Last week I was just plain lazy and this week I’m trying to figure out some things.

Let’s just say now counting near eight months… let’s hope.

So here’s what I watched in the last couple weeks:

ZIP & ZAP AND THE MARBLE GANG (2013) – If you hated the Goonies, you’re gonna hate this.
NYMPHOMANIAC: VOL. II (2014) – I become more dirty
CRADLE WILL ROCK (1999) – Probably one of the most interesting films about a play.
NEW TALE OF ZATOICHI (1963) – More fun blind swords, with his master now.
GODZILLA (1954) – Craft A+, Effect C-
CAPTAIN AMERICA: WINTER SOLDIER (2014) – Falcon wins me…
A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME (1991) – I will now fear the universe more…
NASHVILLE (1975) – What kind of stuff happens in Dallas???
WHITE REINDEER (2013) - Not enough cocaine spinach
NOAH (2014) - Aronofsky remains untarnished…
JOE (2014) – If only there were more Nic Cage…
WOLF CHILDREN (2012) – Adorable, adorable, adorable…
WADJDA (2013) – Lots to ponder, but is it good?


THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES“If you ride like lightning, you’re going to crash like thunder.”
HOUSE OF GAMES - “You can’t bluff someone who’s not paying attention.”
INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS - “If it was never new, and it never gets old, then it’s a folk song.”
WHY DON’T YOU PLAY IN HELL?“Keep ‘em shiny and clean”

My count for the year of 2014 is updated to 101 First time watches (21 from 2014); 52 Rewatches; 153 Total Films

What I’ve Been Watching: Mar 39 – Apr 4

A Better Tomorrow

It’s another week over and podcasts are up (back dated) and I don’t really think I have much to say. Looking over this week of film watching it was a lot of aged American, French and Asian films as I watched the first film that John Woo did with Chow Yun-Fat and many other interesting things… I also spent an evening of remembering how I used to obsess over music videos and why I think they’re possibly the worst thing to ever happen to filmmaking (possible ideas for a post there).

Anyways, here’s what I watched this week by:

THE TALE OF ZATOICHI CONTINUES (1962) – loved the continuation…
HAROLD AND MAUDE (1971) – LOVE THIS MOVIE… this will blow young people’s minds
MOOD INDIGO (2013) – UGHHHHH…. I may be done with Gondry
HANNIBAL BURESS: LIVE IN CHICAGO (2014) – uneven hour of stand-up
A BETTER TOMORROW (1986) – Not enough doves Woo…
SNOWPIERCER (2014) – Too long, too easy preachy, too much… but a few gems
RIDE ALONG (2014) – no gems… not even one… ughhh
NYMPHOMANIAC: VOL. I (2014) – hold judgement till I watch the 2nd half of this film


BLOW OUT – “So you got your choice. You can be crazy or dead.”

My count for the year of 2014 is updated to 88 First time watches (17 from 2014); 48 Rewatches; 136 Total Films