What I’ve Been Watching: Mar 8 – Mar 14


What can I really say about this week? I’ve sat in three job interviews and am starting to feel that things might work out in the next few weeks. I know this is complete speculation which is worth as much as my psuedo-pay cheque that I’m cashing right now (i.e. I don’t have one), but it’s giving me some solace.

Otherwise I’ve finally completed watching House of Cards Season 2; I’m still torn about the second half of the season, why didn’t we keep in with the media stuff…. Also I’ve began my rewatch of Game of Thrones and I’m already 7 episodes in and it reminds how amazing the first season of this show is.

Anyways, here’s my week of film watching to enjoy:

THE HUNGER (1983) – I still prefer Only Lovers Left Alive as my “David Bowie” vampire film…
TO BE OR NOT TO BE (1983) – Loved it… discovered it’s a remake… love it so much
KICKING AND SCREAMING (1995) – Not perfect, but I like the weird humour of it
AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY (2013) – Acting is top notch, but sometimes hatred is hard to love
PHILOMENA (2013) – This movie is the perfect kind of sappy adorableness that works
DIRTY PRETTY THINGS (2002) – I love me some Chewitel… this movie was ok
UNDEFEATED (2011) – It’s the real life version of Friday Night Lights… and I love Friday Night Lights… so….
PATTON OSWALT: TRAGEDY PLUS COMEDY EQUALS TIME (2014) – Oswalt makes me laugh, but not as much as his previous specials.
VERONICA MARS (2014) – The show was fun dumb mediocre… extending the episode length didn’t help


THE SEVENTH SEAL“We must make an idol of our fear, and call it god.”
FRANCES HA - “Oh yes, very undateable.”
RESERVOIR DOGS“Hey, why am I Mr. Pink?”
SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD“Bread makes you fat?”

My count for the year of 2014 is updated to 71 First time watches (13 from 2014); 34 Rewatches; 105 Total Films

What I’ve Been Watching: Feb 22 – Mar 7

American Hustle

What can I say about the last couple weeks which the world hasn’t talked about already? There was the Oscars (congrats, 12 Years A Slave, while I didn’t have you to win you’re still my favourite film of last year and I’m proud you did it). I did manage the squeeze in a few other of the best picture nominees before the ceremony and while the front runners were always going to keep the spotlight throughout the show, I’m pleased that I finally caught up with these films. I still have three or so to catch up with and I will in due time.

Last week (when the blog went into complete chaos) I feel pretty horribly ill. If you didn’t catch this tweet,  because God forgive me if I don’t tweet my life, I was completely out of it for about four or so days. It was kind of sucky, but I’m over it and back to relative normalcy.

Also a couple of days ago marks my first official job offer I’ve gotten after five months of unemployment. We’ll see how it goes as I’ve yet to decide if I’m going to accept the offer, I’m sure I’ll let you all know (that’s why I have twitter)…

Anyways here’s the last two weeks of films:

BAD MILO! (2013) – I want to have more faith in Ken Marino, but that seems about right
SERPICO (1973) – Damn… how have I waited this long to watching this
OUT OF THE FURNACE (2013) – They were all making Batman jokes right?
INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS (2013) – Haven’t decided… 2nd round may feel better
THE LEGO MOVIE (2014) – An amazing interesting mess that refuses to be perfect
NEBRASKA (2013) – We love you Bruce Dern
AMERICAN HUSTLE (2013) – We love you Jennifer Lawrence even more!!!
BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOR (2013) – There were lady bits…
12 O’CLOCK BOYS (2014) – Didn’t seem to add much to me, or my feeling of Baltimore
TAKING WOODSTOCK (2009) – Dear God, can we strike this movie from existence?
THIS IS ENGLAND (2006) – More to come on TUMP
BILL BURR: YOU PEOPLE ARE ALL THE SAME (2012) – Bill Burr you make me laugh too much


ANCHORMAN: THE LEGEND OF RON BURGUNDY“the voice that could make a wolverine purr”
PHONE BOOTH - “Don’t you get the game yet?”
CONTAGION“Someone doesn’t have to weaponize the bird flu.The birds are doing that.”
CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON - “Only by letting go can we truly possess what is real.”
PRISONERS – Pray for the best, but prepare for the worst.”

My count for the year of 2014 is updated to 62 First time watches (11 from 2014); 30 Rewatches; 92 Total Films

What I’ve Been Watching: Feb 15 – Feb 21

Agent Carter

I guess I don’t really have much to say today about the week gone by. In the constant state of unemploy as I am now it’s interesting to see how time goes by so quickly. It’s almost six months since my last day of employment, and residence, in Trinidad and if someone said it’s only been a month I wouldn’t argue with them too harshly. Which only goes to prove my little “sandwich” theory as it relates to time. Time, though remains a constant throughout all our lives, always feels heavier the more you put/accomplish with it. I’ve been doing not much… working mainly on myself in a very contemplative mode. Trying to figure out what’s up with my brain and all my “problems” that I’m certain many would call lovely quirks.

Anyways, otherwise I’m back at coding more projects… let’s see how far I reach before I flip on the PS3 and forget I want to try and accomplish something and push some more meat into my time sandwich.

Regardless, here’s this week’s serving of films watched:

THE BUTLER (2013) – it’s mostly what I expected and also not the worst thing to happen to movies
SUNRISE: A SONG OF TWO HUMANS (1927) – more on this tomorrow people.
MARVEL ONE-SHOT: AGENT CARTER (2013) – I’m so happy Marvel is taking  a page out of Pixar’s book and making nice shorts to couple with their films…
KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM (2014) – Not bad enough to be good, not funny enough to work on being bad..
PUSHING HANDS (1992) – Insightful and contemplative. More culture clash from Ang Lee.
BREAKING NEWS (2004) – Didn’t go 100% into media manipulation, but still fun film.
OLDBOY (2013) – One day we’ll talk about this movie honestly


SUNSHINE ON LEITH“I would walk 500 miles”
ROBOCOP (1987)“Dead or alive, you’re coming with me”
THE DARJEELING LIMITED“Let me think about that. I’ll tell you the next time I see you.”

My count for the year of 2014 is updated to 50 First time watches (9 from 2014); 25 Rewatches; 75 Total Films

What I’ve Been Watching: Feb 8 – Feb 14


It says something that while I’ve amassed 8 films of 2014 so far seen, this week is the first week of the year that I’ve visited my local cinema. I think we’ve reached the future. I’m not saying I like it, and let it be known that part of this phenomenon is not just due to selection but also because I’m not working and avoiding the cinema as best I can, but it’s interesting. Even already as a permanent “out of towner” when it comes to movies living in Jamaica I always feel like the local selection is against me. But VOD is honestly going to be my savior for many years to come I feel, and as long as I don’t find myself living in a Toronto or NYC type of city I look forward to it being my savior for many years to come.

With some writing yet to be done that I’m starting to get late on I did complete some writing this week gone by that seems to have hit with you all. Glad you liked my random and completely weird idea of a screencap post, Every 10 Minutes, that I debuted this week gone by… I look forward to banging my head against the wall searching for a film that works just as well as The Host did in the first post.

Anyways, here’s my week’s watch tally:

ROBOCOP (2014) – A lot better than expected… even with the “rebranding” and PG-13-ification, the film still works for the most part.
M.A.S.H. (1970) – I want to watch it again… but funny as all hell. I want Eliot Gould to roast me when I’m older
THE HOST (2006) – Surprising how funny the film felt given it’s nature
PARIS, TEXAS (1984) – possibly the most real feeling film that seems unreal
GRAND PIANO (2014) – the tight thrilling ride I expected, nothing more, nothing less
GRIGRIS (2013) – I want to show all of Jamaica this film… this is how you do it without feeling big but important.


STRIPES“Okay, Mr. Push-ups, let’s hear your story.”
CASABLANCA“If that plane leaves the ground and you’re not with him, you’ll regret it. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life.”
THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD: PART I  - “Stand-up philosopher. I coalesce the vapors of human experience into a viable and meaningful comprehension.”

My count for the year of 2014 is updated to 43 First time watches (8 from 2014); 22 Rewatches; 65 Total Films

What I’ve Been Watching: Feb 1 – Feb 7

All Hail the King

This past week was crazy. I neglected the blog, while at the same time spending more time than I’ve ever in the last year on a singular post, that you’ll see sometime this coming week, which I hope is a lot better than I personally think it is. It’s this weird thing where usually I’ll take a couple hours (maybe a bit more) to pound out a review, thought, podcast and be happy. Or at the very least be okay with how much I can do and blame that I have so little time. While I’ve promised myself to do so many things while on this sabbatical I find myself drifting further and further away from those goals. Let’s hope I can get back on track quickly… because this is getting out of hand.

ALL IS LOST (2013) – play it alongside Gravity? 127 Hours? Life of Pi? Or all of them???
20 FEET FROM STARDOM (2013) – Pretty great doc, mainly in all the great music I need to hear.
RUN & JUMP (2014) – Meh… I’ll wait for Nebraska for more Forte drama style.
THE LOVED ONES (2009) – Internet, you’re wrong, so very wrong.
THE WAR ROOM (1993) – I never thought of viewing politics like this ever to be honest.
WHISPER OF THE HEART (1995) – so Ghibli has more than Miyazaki in it’s pocket I see.
MARVEL ONE SHOT: ALL HAIL THE KING (2014) – Fun little short, better than Agents of SHIELD.
KAZ: PUSHING THE VIRTUAL DIVIDE (2014) – Never thought I’d be this interested in this film.
THE PAST (2013) – Still thinking about it.


SINISTER“I like that you made the movies longer, they are better this way.”
THE TREE OF LIFE“I wanted to be loved because I was great; A big man. I’m nothing. Look at the glory around us; trees, birds. I lived in shame. I dishonored it all, and didn’t notice the glory. I’m a foolish man.”

My count for the year of 2014 is updated to 37 First time watches (6 from 2014); 19 Rewatches; 56 Total Films