Fav Scenes: Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)

This is actually two scenes, and sadly the second I can’t quite find it’s full scene on youtube. So in Forgetting Sarah Marshall there are so many moments I love – “I can see your vagina from down here” stands out to me – but at the end of the day what will always be the most memorable addition that this film gave me will be the Dracula musical scenes, and since I was planning on reviewing Dracula today and fell asleep four times watching the film last night this is what you guys will have to take instead of that..


What’s your favourite scene from Forgetting Sarah Marshall?

Fav Scenes: The FP (2011)

If you listen to my podcast you’d have heard my co-host, Damion, as well as I talk at length about The FP. It’s audaciously stupid in the way we want our bad movies to be. It finds ways to point at all the things we love to enjoy about bad movies while entertaining us like crazy.

When I think of a favourite scene from this movie there are few moments that I think can contest this scene which I will not stop talking about until it is embedded into the pop culture so deeply that it’s as recognizable as “I’m your father” call outs.

So with JTRO still unsure as whether he can come back to the BBR fight scene his friend , KCDC, explains to him why coming back is so important with this wonderful pep talk about the ducks. So put on your dancing shoes and please don’t think about The Mighty Ducks as you enjoy this moment that keeps me laughing more everytime.

What’s your favourite scene from The FP?

Fav Scenes: Back to the Future Part II (1989)

There are films that defy any form of logic and are able to live on in infamy due to the amount of fun it has with its own madness. Back to the Future is one of those films. I would even go so far as to say that Back to the Future Part II surpasses its predecessor.

What I love so much about Part 2 is that it builds on the previous film through a compounded time travel film and brings along the idea of parallel universes in a much clearer manner. However, regardless of all that sciency crap, it’s things like seeing Biff over the decades that makes this movie so good and here’s one of my favourite scenes from the film:

I still can’t believe that characters are defeated by a “look over there” style misdirect. It fits the franchise but still makes me laugh at how dumb it is.

What’s your favourite scene from Back to the Future Part II?

Fav Scenes: Chasing Amy (1997)

It’s hands down my favourite film by Kevin Smith. It’s the first — and I’d be willing to put on the line to say the only — time that he’s actually been able to hone his fanboy voice into a real story where we are actually willing to go along with our romantic interests without being more interested in the next scene where he makes a Star Wars reference.

Smith has made his name in “dick and fart jokes” as he so aptly puts it, but this movie is just so good. I have so many scenes that I love, but none more than the scene where Holden confesses his love to Alyssa… watch below:

What’s your favourite scene from Chasing Amy?