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Let’s pretend for a moment this is me… or something like that.

Last week a friend of mine called me up and asked me if I wanted to talk to him about podcasting. This friend is Nneko Branche and he runs the blog at Big Thinking Applied. His content mostly covers technology, business and how the two merge on a constant basis, but from time to time he will write how to columns and general what’s going on in the world of technology. This time around he took his magnifying glass at my world of podcasts. While I know I’m no expert I indulged him and we sat around chatting for a bit until he asked the question you’d imagine anyone would talking to me while taking a look at my setup “can we record?” and how could I deny him? Continue reading

Cool Stuff: The Works – Tony Scott

If you don’t watch Joel Walden’s sereis of videos (The Works) already just go and subscribe to his channel on youtube. While I don’t want to say that all of these montaging film editing lovelies are all great I do believe Joel is one of the highlights of them all. This week, after putting out a great video of Rian Johnson, he quickly hit us with a great video of the work of Tony Scott. Watch below:

Cool Stuff: Video Essay Dissecting ‘Pulp Fiction’

Last week Peter Labuza and Matt Zoller Seitz over at Press Play posted a fantastic video essay dissecting one of my all-time favourite films from one of my all-time favourite filmmakers, Pulp Fiction. They pose that the film is about the nature of legend and how people can get caught up in their own legend and it’s only when one decides to question said legend and realise that they aren’t that thing that they are able to evolve into something greater.

Take a watch of the video embedded below:

While movies are entertaining, and this one is lovingly so, it’s great when conversations such as this can be brought out of what many would argue is just there to fill seats and sell popcorn and soda.

What’re your theories on Pulp Fiction?