Announcing The Other Studio Ghibli Films Marathon


When we say Studio Ghibli we immediately think of Hayao Miyazaki, and for good reason. I even wrote a post earlier this month about him and his work — which if you haven’t read take a look see. However, while I have seen some non-Miyazaki Ghibli films (i.e. The Grave of the FirefliesWhisper of the Heart) there are still a few of the films that they’ve produced that I’ve yet to check out, and I’m almost certain that they’re more than worth my time.  Continue reading

We’re Returning to Our Regular Programming; And More?


So if you’ve been around these parts it’s been a bit sparse. Last week TIFF ended, and you can read all of my writings on that over at Screen Invasion and hear my podcasts here on TUMP, and somehow in all the confusion of moving from Trinidad back to Jamaica and everything else I just kind of got all jumbled and happened to be unable avoiding actually opening up the old blog to do some good old fashioned writing.

This is me saying sorry. More than that here to claim my space again. I should be kicking off a whole new column elsewhere on the internets and we’ll see how things go and what the world sends down to me in the future.

However, there are a few things that will change around these parts and it will be the focus on current cinema. While I have no qualms about discussing aged film, the entire purpose of my Marathons and Blindspot writings, I still kept a good level of new in theatres film discussion going on the site. Sadly, with my current employment status changing (with hopes of that not being too long standing) I don’t really see the sense in donating a weekly (or sometimes more) visit to my local cinema. I’ve yet to decide on how to manage this all but I will be covering a lot of missed Blu Ray releases and independent VOD films as best as I can and maybe trying a few new ideas out on the site for your enjoyment.

This is me just saying, hold on and stick with me as I try this whole new bumpy ride this next couple months until we return back to our usual course of action, or maybe this’ll be the usual course after — Who Knows???.


Announcement: The Pedro Almodovar Marathon

Pedro Almodovar

I’m not sure if anyone out there would call this filmmaker blindspot egregious, but somehow I feel it is. With two marathons complete this year (John Cassavetes & John Ford) I feel a need to spread my wings into some non-American cinema, and with that I want to start diving into the work of Mr. Pedro Almodovar. I’ve so far only seen his latest release (The Skin I Live In) which I loved, and am looking forward to dissecting the syllabus of seven films I’ve laid out for myself as listed below:

  • Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! (1990)
  • Volver (2006)
  • All About My Mother (1999)
  • Talk To Her (2002)
  • Broken Embraces (2009)
  • Bad Education (2004)
  • The Flower of my Secret (1995)

The marathon will begin next week when I will review one film a week — with an off week given when I have a official Blindspot film to review (i.e. the last Tuesday of each month). I hope you all look forward to it.