Announcing The Other Studio Ghibli Films Marathon


When we say Studio Ghibli we immediately think of Hayao Miyazaki, and for good reason. I even wrote a post earlier this month about him and his work — which if you haven’t read take a look see. However, while I have seen some non-Miyazaki Ghibli films (i.e. The Grave of the FirefliesWhisper of the Heart) there are still a few of the films that they’ve produced that I’ve yet to check out, and I’m almost certain that they’re more than worth my time.  Continue reading

Movies You Love Podcast [Episode#27 - Who Framed Roger Rabbit w/ Josh Spiegel]

Roger Rabbit This time around on the podcast we take a child like journey with low cut dresses and gorilla style bouncers when toon and man collided in filmmaking with Who Framed Roger Rabbit with my guest Josh Spiegel, of Mousterpiece Cinema. So strap in for some falling anvils and any other silly cartoon reference I can think of that this film does a lot better than I can do writing and enjoy… Continue reading

Michael Mann: My Story of How I Fell in Love With a Filmmaker on my Second Try


Note: This is a post that’s crossed over from The Matinee. Ryan, my friend, messaged me and asked me to write a column for him about a film or something specific about how I revisited something for it gain value for me. After mulling it over and thinking about it all I came up with this little gem. So while Ryan’s off watching baseball and enjoying his vacation take a seat with me here (and over at The Matinee) and soak in my voice instead of his as I talk a little about my feelings on the dirty world of Michael Mann.

Michael Mann and I, after many years of troubled discussions, are friends. I don’t mean real friends. I’ve never met the man — if you’re reading this Michael, we can meet up for drinks and talk it out — but I’m talking about cinema friends. You know the kind of relationship where he makes movies and I go to my local theatre and enjoy. However, it wasn’t always this way.

Way back in the 2000s, when we were still awaiting sequels to The Matrix and was asking ourselves why we ever wore Hammer pants, I started delving into the world of cinema. Like most of the people — you reading this included I guess — I started with what I knew. That being movies of Tom Cruise, which led me to a little known film for me; Collateral. This eventually led to Miami Vice and further down the line to Heat.
Continue reading

TUMP [EP#197 - Ida]

Ida, Sundance Film Festival 2014

Keeping in tune with the film we discuss this week let’s keep it short. There’s lots to discuss as Ida discovers what she’s missing and planning to give up and we talk about what we’re giving up by talking about movies all this time… Continue reading

Movie of the Week: ‘Gray’s Anatomy’ Talks Life Neurosis Medically through a Raconteur

Grays Anatomy - 1

How do you discuss a film that is nothing more than a microphone and a man telling a story? I’m not quite certain. I’m used to — even though I’ve tried desperately to ignore this type of formatting — having a few different elements to talk about but this movie is so simple that it seems difficult to not view it in binary as opposed to in some sort of multi-faceted thing where I can break it apart and tick of some checkboxes or not.

This film however, really isn’t just a man telling a story. It exists in a weird subspace of genre specific filmmaking. It isn’t necessarily a fully formed fictional film as we sit there listening to Spalding Gray tell us about the journey he went on after discovering a medical issue he began to have with one of his eyes. Being a neurotic New Yorker, very much in the vain of Woody Allen, with a fear of hospitals his journey involves him not just worrying about the fact that there is a problem but his requirement to discover a solution that isn’t tied to medical science. This can’t be anything other than great can it? Continue reading