The Horrors: Questioning A Corelation Between Genres and Film Audiences


I’m curious. Can I love a theatrical experience for the crowd as much as I can hate it? We talk about the theatre as some discuss church. We love it. We admire it. We want it to be perfect. At the same time however the ways in which we enjoy it are flexible, and that flexibility comes from so many factors which are personal as well as external.

A couple of nights ago I went to my local — if movie theatres were religious denominations it would be the Lutheran headquarters of the world — theatre, Carib 5, to see Oculus, a film I was saddened I missed at TIFF from their Midnight Madness programme which I adore. Part of the alure of the Midnight Madness programme, in case you haven’t heard me tout it on any of the billion podcasts I’ve released in the last two years since I first ventured to Toronto, is that weird loveable crowd that gets behind the weirdest and goriest of horror films. They know that they’re dumb and enjoyable while still, at times, being down right frightening. When you’ve done a full day’s work or festing and you find yourself in a crowded theatre of people who will scream “RRRRRR!!!!” at a anti-piracy warning before the film comes on it’s glorious. Continue reading

TUMP [Bonus - May Fantasy Results]

Amazing Spider-Man 2


While this competition is all year long, like Hollywood itself we generally bank on the Summer for the big dollars in this game to pan out. And it seems to have worked out, for some of us (i.e. not me). But let’s get into it. Continue reading

Movies You Love Podcast [Episode #25 - Brazil w/ Edward Douglas]


And under the wire I hit the 2 week mark again just before the clock turns, and yes I’m using Jamaica as the clock that matters. This time around I talk with Edward Douglas (aka. the Weekend Warrior) of Coming Soon about one of his all time favourites, Brazil. As we dissect the idea of government’s control over their people and the rights that the world has given up we marvel at how Gilliam’s film applies so aptly to today’s society almost as if he predicted it all. Continue reading

TUMP [EP#193 - Like Father, Like Son]

like father like son

It’s that time. It’s been a few weeks, which means I get to make my cohosts watch a Japanese film that’s somber, makes us think about serious decisions and remind us all that our lives are pretty easy because we haven’t had to think this hard about our lives ever. Anyways enjoy:
Continue reading

The Inverse Relationship Between Your Enjoyment of Movies and Their Ability to Agree With You…

Network - 1

This past week I made my brother, Douglas, watch Network for the very first time. A film which, if you’ve never seen, is about a famed news anchor and journalist who has a mental breakdown on air and becomes a televangelist who is allowed to spew his truth about this universe just because he magically got ratings. While watching this movie I had a bit of an awakening of sorts, though not to the same degree of Howard Beale.

I watched closely as my brother’s disdain for the film grew and later on he said nothing other than, “it’s just a bunch of monologues.” If it’s one thing he’s not wrong. Continue reading