TUMP [EP#208 – Men, Women & Children]


Jason Reitman returns with his look at how internet culture is affecting our day to day lives and it looks like a special one doesn’t it.  Continue reading

TUMP [EP#207 – Listen Up Philip]

Listen Up Phillip

It’s the end of year which means it’s the time when the internet tricks me into watching movies that I wasn’t sure of earlier in the year as to whether it’d be good or not. Here we are (in a short) discussion of the film Listen Up Philip. Enjoy: Continue reading

TUMP [EP#206 – The Babadook]


We watched a horror film about a storybook and you get to hear Damion be confused… so nothing much new, but still something worth having a good laugh at. Read the notes below: Continue reading

TUMP [EP# 205 – A Teacher]

A Teacher

This time around we’re back (step by step) with a slightly more ‘meaty’ episode. We discuss the 2013 film A Teacher as well as our Top 5 Taboo Relationships in Film. I don’t really have much else to say other than the notes are below and enjoy. Continue reading