My Top 20 Films of 2014

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Yesterday I posted my list of films that as I generally wade through the years of film canon I enjoyed immensely. If you missed it go and check it out for me and say something about it (or not).

Today I will be talking about the topic that if you’re reading this you’re probably already tired of hearing about. My favourite films of the year gone by. I’m certain I share a lot of titles with many of my online colleagues and I can spend the next 2/3 lines mentioning the myriad of films that I’ve not seen due to geographical or many other reasons. Regardless here are 20 films of all the 2014 theatrical releases that I love and would love to widely recommend to you guys to check out.

*I just want to say that while you may see a number ranking in this post I really don’t mean it. I honestly feel that this list order is interchangeable dependent on the day and mood I’m in. Feel free to take all of these films as a collective and not a competitive rout. Continue reading

TUMP [EP#208 – Men, Women & Children]


Jason Reitman returns with his look at how internet culture is affecting our day to day lives and it looks like a special one doesn’t it.  Continue reading

TUMP [EP#207 – Listen Up Philip]

Listen Up Phillip

It’s the end of year which means it’s the time when the internet tricks me into watching movies that I wasn’t sure of earlier in the year as to whether it’d be good or not. Here we are (in a short) discussion of the film Listen Up Philip. Enjoy: Continue reading

TUMP [EP#206 – The Babadook]


We watched a horror film about a storybook and you get to hear Damion be confused… so nothing much new, but still something worth having a good laugh at. Read the notes below: Continue reading