‘Actress’ is a Diary That We Shouldn’t Be Seeing


Actress is a 2014 documentary that just became available to stream on Netflix. Watch it here.

Films like Actress baffle me whenever I see them. Whilst I will never want to be that person who tells someone who took their time and energy to make a movie that it was poorly spent I wonder.

Actress is a film about Brandy Burre, who had a recurring role on The Wire. Currently a mother of two and after taking a long hiatus from the world of acting wants to return. While that’s the general gist of the film it feels almost tangential to the film’s content itself to call that a synopsis. This movie quickly becomes an almost snapshot of Burre’s life in the moment, and that’s the problem. Continue reading

TUMP [EP#212 – F For Fake]

f for fake

This has been a long sabbatical. We’ve been recording for the last five weeks but I’ve not been editing/releasing. While usually when I take a week off from this I would just normally dumb a slew of content all at once I won’t do that this time. This time my plan is this. Over the span of the next month or so you can expect weeks with instead of one release, two releases. So stick with me and we’ll get through this rough patch.

Also I’d like to announce to return of gmanreviews in full force as of today. I plan to keep up the writing and film discussions as we move on from this time off. So if you’re reading this and have wondered, “what’s up?” thanks for sticking with me. So here we go with a return to form. Continue reading

TUMP [EP#211 – Alice’s Restaurant]

alices restraurant

This week we take a slight break from the regular format for a film that broke us and our format completely. Here we discuss the film Alice’s Restaurant from 1969 (even though we say 1970 repeatedly in the show) Continue reading

TUMP [EP#210 – Starred Up]

starred up

This time around not only am I few days late but I actually still have another one to come in a few days guys, so expect this to get furious with content soon. Anyways in this episode we discuss all things restrictive as we talk about the film Starred Up among others. Continue reading