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Phone Booth

Movies You Love Podcast [Episode #22 - Phone Booth w/ Merrill Barr]

Another podcast in the bag and this time around the wondrous Merrill Barr, from Forbes and Nerdist, stops by to discuss the …


TUMP [EP#181 - Oldboy]

So… like the rest of the internet, we love the Korean Oldboy film and when we heard that America was remaking it …

Paris Texas

TUMP [EP#180 - Paris, Texas]

So finally once again we stop talking about modern films and return to the classics. Where obscurity exists we shall always follow. …

All About My Mother (2)

Movies You Love Podcast [Episode #21 - All About My Mother w/ Inkoo Kang]

This time on the podcast I have on Inkoo Kang, writer over at The L.A. Times, Village Voice and Indiewire, to discuss …

The Host

Every 10 Minutes: The Host

This is a weird idea I have, let’s see where it goes. An aside: this is how most of my ideas begin with …