Movie of the Week: ‘The Fisher King’ or When Terry G. Finally Answered The ‘Love Conquers All’ Subtitle


Movie of the week is a feature where each week I will discuss a film outside of the general new releases and limited VOD films of the year that is now. It will give me a chance to keep diving into older and more niche aspects of cinema and also allow me more freedom in which films I discuss on the site. Expect a lot more content here on the site as of today. This is a new Andrew writing and I hope you guys will enjoy it.

If there’s one story all Terry Gilliam fans are very familiar with it’s the tale of his continued struggle with the studio production of his films. More specifically the tale of the studio production of his most infamous work, Brazil. The film apparently – as I admit to having never actually seen this shorter cut — upon initial theatrical release was reportedly cut by the studio executives to have “happier ending” which mean’t that the final 40 or so mins were missing. This ended up being in the papers as Gilliam took out an ad to publish a letter to the studio executive asking a very important question… Continue reading

TUMP [EP#195 - Calvary]


This episode was actually recorded 2 weeks ago, just after the World Cup Semi-Finals and before the Final. So if you are wondering why Damion doesn’t sound less excited, it’s because he still is looking forward to the final. We will all enjoy his sadness and continued cynicism on the next episode. However enjoy us talking about that very thing (sadness and cynicism) as we discuss Calvary and death on this ep of TUMP…. Continue reading

TUMP [Bonus - June Fantasy League Results]


AND SUMMER CONTINUES!!! We move from electrified spiders to summer tans and college keg parties this month and it’s going to be awesome as we break down June and I start praying that my cohorts just stop watching movies and let me win this year on default. Continue reading

Mid-2014 Top Ten Of The Year So Far…

The Grand Budapest Hotel Edward Norton

Last year for the first time I did a mid-year round up of what I had seen thusfar and it seemed to have sparked some issues on the internet, mostly because I was right and you guys are always wrong. But something about it made me thing last night – maybe I should do that again. So here we go. With little discussion and just saying “hey check these out if you’ve missed them so far” with the films of 2014 at our midway point now… Continue reading

Movies You Love Podcast [Episode #26 - The Thin Red Line w/ Brian J. Roan]


This episode is late, but still great. If you like hearing film lovers talking about sincerity, pretension and general film adoration then nothing will do you better than this conversation with Brian J Roan, of Dear Film and The Film Stage Show.

As an aside, and I mention it in my recording, ever since being back from the unnanouced hiatus earlier this year I’ve been doing a lot more personal and elongated intros to the show about my life and what’s been going on with me. I’m curious as to your feedback on this new little addition to the show. I try to make this show about honesty and sincerity and want to share more of me with you guys out there. So let me know, am I just boring you and giving you 8 minutes to skip before getting to the “show”? or are you enjoying it? More/less? Let me know. Continue reading